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    Profile Shoot

    Thanks for the comment. She's a model so she wants professional shots for her portfolios. Well, I'm hardly a professional but this is free practice so I took the chance to take her photos. This is another photoshoot we did for her portfolio...
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    New Picnik user

    I just started out with photography, probably 3 months. I had a shoot with a friend who wanted to have a portfolio shoot for her file. This is how the picture turned out when edited with Picnik program: I'm still not satisfied because...
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    Profile Shoot

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    Profile Shoot

    Thanks LaFoto. I edited my post and uploaded my shot at Imageshack. Would love to hear the opinions of experts out there.
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    Cell Phones

    Cellphones are a blessing and curse at the same time. I swear, life was simpler when there were only telephones. I turned off my cellphone when I'm driving. A friend recently got into an accident while using the phone.
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    Profile Shoot

    Hi, I'm new here and all opinions are welcome. I just started with photography. I did one photoshoot with a friend who wants to have a profile shot for her portfolios. What can you say about my shot? Edited: so I don't know how to attach pictures. LOL Here's the link of my shot...