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    Why it matters.

    There are two girls running a photo stand for children in the local shopping centre near my place. They are not there all the time but few days in every fort night or so. The equipment use were nikon D40 with kitlens and two umbrellas. The big sample photos on displays were all good. A month...
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    Nikon D90 and Tamron 18-270

    Ask the vendor if they allow you to return the lens if you find it not satisfactory to your criteria. If yes than do handhold outdoor test quickly using 18mm to start with than 28 than 50 than 70 etc until 270, and shooting the same subject. In that test you use 2 aperture settings per shot...
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    Nikon D90 and Tamron 18-270

    Good on you mate. Please post us few pictures from the widest side to the longest side and everything in between. I am so anxious to see.
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    First photos with my new D90:) C&C

    I like 1 and 2, they are sharp. It seem it is a good lens that 18-105 after all. Congrat with the new toy and have fun.
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    Got a D40 for Christmas! Now what?

    In the house there is no enough lighting. Open windows a bit to illuminate the rooms. Leave the lens on camera, it is perfectly fine. All the light bulbs in my house are energy saving light bulbs, which is neon type light bulb. The D40 computer of my camere seems translates this lights...
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    Hitler complains about the D3x

    The sobing woman whispers: "I hear he only shot JPG". That's me really, no mistake :lol:. I hope also the pesent diehard Stalinist in this forum take the pride of his undying support :lol:. Oh man this is gem, since I have watched the whole movie. I don't think I can watch this movie again...
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    Nikon D40: Questions, New to Photography

    As Chrisburke said above the kit 18-55 lens is very good lens. I have not had any dissappointing result so far. If I were to do professional work now I will not hesitate to use the kitlens. Once you have the object in focus with the right exposure and composition you will have sharp photos...
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    Witch one?

    D90 has video feature in it, you will appreciate it, otherwise you need two mechines like me now. I have a lot of video clips of my family taken with the old camcorder on interval a bit each, and I am on the verge to buy another. I need it now while my kid is still little. She really loves to...
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    Does anyone miss split-circle focusing?

    Right right right finally I got the idea of what split screen is all about. Neat idea though by the look of it. It is lots better than tiny dot at the bottom of the screen that also constantly blinks even by tiny movement, kind of playing peek a boo. Thanks.
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    I need motivation...

    :x You worry too much. I wrapped my camera with $2.99 beach towel. I went to the beach today and I used the towel for myself, so the camera was shamelessly naked at the back seat. Leave that bag of yours at home and take the camera with you. You shoot with camera not with bag, kapish?. :D
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    That's sharp, money well spent by the look of it. How much that lens cost btw?.
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    Pulling the trigger... Nikon D700.

    I was tempted to outperform you with my D40 at 3200 f/8 - and I only manage with 1.3 seconds SS :lol:. No I am not going to spend any money as I promised to myself, until next year. Promise not to be broken. Anyway thanks for the sample mate. And thanks for small sample instead of 60 mb of...
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    Don't groan: a slightly different kind of lens and camera question..

    I have not have experience with other lenses except the two lenses I have (18-55 and fixed 50mm) since I just bought a camera. But I have tried the macro feature of the kit lens. You can see how far the 18-55 can go, it can't go any further than that. But you will see other photos from other...
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    D40 Lenses Options

    A fixed lens using less amount of glass in it's construction, therefore it lets more light to enter through it. Zoom lenses need more glass to accomodate different focal lengths in single tube, therefore it lets reduced light to pass through it. Since the fixed lenses are using less glass...
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    D40 Lenses Options

    I saw your photo page and yours are only stationary cars. If this is the main object of your shoots than you do not need long focal length for a start. Unless if you have something else that need a telephoto. If you intent to sell your shots (a pro) I think you need a fixed lens instead, as...