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    B&W in fog

    shot this fog pic early morning about 9:15am. Nikon D3400 at f13, 1/400 ISO 100. I tried to soften the grain in the pic in Photoshop Camera Raw. I have had a good response from people about the print I made from this pic.
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    Rainy walkabout in Florence (Italy)

    This is my edit of your photo. To each his own taste and feeling
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    Old Door. Cottonwood, SD

    Black and White should be contrasty and the slight sepia tone adds to the old wood. A little more detail in the wood door would make it stand out. Very good I like it!
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    Restaurant at Night

    This was the parking lot of a restaurant along the Mississippi River in Iowa. I had trouble with focus in night shots
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    Totally messed up but nice results

    I took this shot of Sandhill Cranes and did something out of character for me. I did not pay attention to some of the settings on the camera. I was shooting in low light the evening before and set the ISO to 400 and did not change it. this pic was shot about 9:30am bright morning with a Nikon...
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    digitizing negatives

    I am not sure about the dpi but the DSLR is a 24 megapixel camera so I get images of the negative that are 24 megapixel 300ppi. Thanks for your input!
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    digitizing negatives

    That was the problem I had but I found that raising the film holder up about a quarter of an inch I did not pick up the pixel grid. Some of the funky looking stuff you are talking, not sure about but there is a lot of grain, or noise and this is what you would get in film shot at ISO400 (ASA...
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    digitizing negatives

    Does anyone here use a DSLR to digitize old negatives or slides. I recently purchased a Wolverine slide and film scanner. It is okay for preserving old film but when I load the pic in Photoshop the pics are large in size but only 72ppi. I am on a very strict budget and cannot afford a macro lens...
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    Adobe Photoshop

    I have the $9.99 subscription to both PS and LR (it is actually $10.59 now). I love PS but very seldom use LR. I also have both of these on my iPad, no additional cost. The Photoshop on the iPad is not very useful for me but I do use LR on the iPad. I also have Photoshop Express(free) on my...
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    Ice on Tree

    Shot this shot of ice on tree limb, kind of backlit. Shot with Nikon d3400 f6 1/400 with 70-300 kit lens.
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    Big Sun sunsets

    I recently took a stab at shooting a big sun photo. I used the PhotoPills app on my iPhone get the shot I wanted. I shot with a Nikon d3400 but being on a very strict budget I had a cheap 500mm Vivatar lens. This pic was shot at f11 1/400sec no filters. Post processed in Photoshop
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    Early morning shooting

    Well I did have an early morning cup of coffee a while after taking the pics but did not get shot of coffee!
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    Early morning shooting

    I take a number of early morning shots. I think this is one of my best. shot with Nikon D3400, 35mm Nikkor lens at f2 and 20 sec exposure. Did some post processing in Lightroom on an iPad
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    FX vs DX Lens

    I agree with you, it is the field of view that changes, 300mm lens is still a 300mm lens but the field of view would be equivalent to a 450mm if it is an FX lens on a DX body. I guess I didn't explain myself very well, I did not intend to say that it changes to focal length of the lens.
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    FX vs DX Lens

    It is my understanding you have to take in the sensor size, crop sensor or full sensor. Take the focal length and multiply by 1.5 for the FX lens. So the FX lens at 300mm on the DX body would be around 450mm. That is 300 x 1.5, and crop sensors may be different, it may be a factor of 1.6 instead...