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    Disappointing Photos with Nikon D3200

    I highly recommend Lightroom. The alternatives to Lightroom can be alright, but it's still the best thing out there right now. If you subscribe to the monthly cloud deals they have, I think you can get certain software bundles (but I can't afford that -- I just have a standalone download)...
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    Disappointing Photos with Nikon D3200

    Everything that you want to get out of the photo can be done in Lightroom. A flatter image often means less processing / more data captured. Kind-of depends on what you mean by "flat". Sharpness can be a combination of things, likely the lens. Lighting always beats out sharpness, as a duller...
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    Travel lenses ?

    The 35mm 1.8G DX lens is definitely the more versatile lens on the D5500. However, if you don't shoot between f1.8 and f2.8 on the 35mm 1.8G, your kit lens will likely do a similar job. Where the 35mm 1.8G DX is fun, is when you're travelling, and taking pictures of people in places, and you...
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    Nikon 85mm 1.8G Sharpness (wide open)

    The lens should be very sharp even at f1.8. Common mistakes: - Focusing on the nose instead of the eyes - Insufficient shutter speed / not holding the camera steady - Not using the correct focus mode (don't use continuous especially at f1.8 unless you know what you need it for) - Getting closer...
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    Been thinking about upgrading to the D750

    Some reviewers are just plain dumb. The D500 is better if you need better AF and better, faster, sustained burst. It's a fully pro camera but in DX form. Unless if they're referring to the warranty issues that plagued Nikon D600, and then the D750... yes... makes me angry.
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    Teleconverter: blurred at short focal length

    Minimum focus distance? Sample photos?
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    Sigma 50-100mm f/1.8

    If I were to stick with DX, I'd have that lens.
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    Been thinking about upgrading to the D750

    Your d610 works? I'd be happy with that. The D750 really doesn't edge out the D610 in many ways. If you owned a nice used 600mm prime lens (say you got it for $6000), and somehow were on a budget, the D750 might be beneficial. Or, perhaps if you do a lot of long exposure photography, the D750's...
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    Lens Choice Help

    I would recommend 17-50 f2.8 as a good range (focal length & aperture). You have an 18-50, so you could decide if that is for you. Usually when you want to guarantee a nice shot, you step back far enough to get the feet in the frame, and do full body. But, if you go with prime, you can't decide...
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    D750 warranty: Just wanted to double check?

    I haven't called Nikon yet. I am very hopeful this issue is covered beyond the warranty date. My preference is to hold on to my camera until it is actually functionally affected (currently it is only affected on startup, which is functionally not important). I will update this thread when I...
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    D750 warranty: Just wanted to double check?

    Do you know if there was? I'll probably just call to confirm. I know that I visited a webpage on Nikon's site, and entered in my serial #. It came back with "Service needed" or whatever. It didn't do that on the original flare issue recall, but there was a second webpage for the Err thing...
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    Thinking of abandoning Canon..... or not!

    Let's not twist words. I said Sony is an excellent choice for prosumers. Any choice that is excellent for a prosumer will undoubtedly be a good choice for a certain range of professionals as well. The reason why I issued words of warning about Sony is because their foray into the full-frame...
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    Thinking of abandoning Canon..... or not!

    If money were no object I'd probably prefer Canon over Nikon by a small margin. But really it's a toss-up in the long-term for a professional, especially if you don't have any specific reasons to go for one or the other. I haven't kept up with Sony, their stuff is great for prosumers, but I'm...
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    D750 warranty: Just wanted to double check?

    I haven't sent my D750 in for warranty repairs yet (the second shutter recall problem involving "Err" messages). I am wondering if anyone knows for certain: Did Nikon say they will repair that problem even if warranty has expired? As in, 1 year after expiry, 5 years, etc? I just don't want to...
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    D750 still going strong

    Still haven't shipped mine off for repairs :-/