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    Using infrared filters on DSLR

    Ah, very good. Yeah, I've seen how dark the glass is and realize what can and can't be done. As long as it will produce the same effect using a DSLR. Thanks for your response! P.S. Admins, feel free to scratch the thread if it's a hassle.
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    Using infrared filters on DSLR

    I'm sorry, I really did try searching, because I'm sure it's been answered. It seems like a dumb question, and I'm probably coming off looking foolish asking, but I would like a second and third opinion before I buy. Anyways, since TPF has been so reliable in the past for me, I would like to...
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    Wet camera, please help

    So I've been taking star trail exposures for the last few nights, leaving the shutter open for 30+ minutes outdoors. It started out as a nice, clear night, perfect for what I was doing. But of course it started to downpour while I was inside waiting for the time to pass, and being tired as I was...
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    Quit askin stupid questions [Rant]

    What I try to do in these cases is always have a couple business cards ready in my wallet. And I'm not a pro by any means, I had the idea after hanging some up at a small exhibition. But anyways, if they pester you with these kinds of questions, offering them a card is usually a good way to...
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    Canon Rebel XTI at 420$: Convince me otherwise

    PLEASE, do not order from any of these sites advertising such equipment for such a "great bargain". Believe me, you will be saving yourself a world of troubles and funds. It is a guaranteed fraud. I highly suggest B&H Photo, I recently ordered a lens from them and am very pleased with their...
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    For those of you who know about filters.

    Aren't* Well, I'm not sure about the rest of the world, but I believe it to be common sense to have some sort of filter on every lens I shoot with. What if harmful debris flies up in front of your camera and nicks the front of your lens? If there is not a filter to stop it, the whole damned...
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    Yashica Mat-124 G

    Awesome, thanks guys. Once I get out and give it a spin, I might post a few photos (If I'm successful :D) Also... this may seem like a dumb question, but I'm looking at my 120 film that I just loaded, and I have no idea what ISO I ought to set the camera at. 120 ISO? Because I am not seeing any...
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    Yashica Mat-124 G

    So I recently inherited one of these babies from an older friend. I believe it's a twin lens something-er-other, but I'd love to learn more about it if anyone has a pdf for the manual or just some information for me.
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    Aging photos

    Here's what I'm thinking. Tear up, crumple, wreck a piece of paper or photo paper and scan the flattened result into your computer. Then, crop the appropriate size of the picture file you're working with and copy it into a new layer, then push the transparency down a good deal. After that, make...
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    Attentio Computer Geeks - Any Suggetions for External Hard Drives?

    Alright, I know you're trying to be helpful... but why would you recommend this to someone right off the bat? What I'm thinking is that this is a really stupid idea, and I'm betting he would rather consult a professional to try and restore his thousands of valuable photos before using this last...
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    When is the time for Senior Portraits?

    For the most part, most people generally get them done in that season. But then there are others, such as myself, that foolishly choose to wait till the last possible minute.
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    Nude photos in a public place?????

    I'm sure that just about anywhere you go (as long as it is a photo specific business, or at least somewhere that can realize and appreciate the art) would be more than happy to print such things. This is assuming that the subjects are of legal age. But hey, I could be wrong.
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    It looks just like someone did a crappy job with an exacto cutting out the canon and super-gluing it on the front. That's pretty amusing. edit: hahahaha... the optical lens sticker...
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    Cam test shots

    Yay for cheap gas!