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    UK pro cricket

    Great shots, especially 6, as a keeper myself I can appreciate that one. Is there anyway you could sell shots like this to newspapers etc as they are much better than some of the rubbish you see in the red tops in the UK? How would an amateur sports photographer go about selling their shots?
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    Another Camera Thread. D3000 vs D60.

    IMHO you can go for the D3000 and get the new specs or you can get the D60 and modify it in order to fit into exactly what you want from it. With the D3000 replacing the D60 you should be able to pick up the D60 for cheap and have some change to make the mods
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    I'm 5' 6" and having problems

    I am a short person and having some problems with my photos, where the angle of the shot is from lower down I am having problems framing the subject which is normally a person or people moving. The subject appears too low in the shot with too much sky in order to fit the subject in. Does...
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    How many hours do you spend oh photography ?

    It has recently taken over my life, I shoot pics of my Son playing sport all weekend and then spend every evening of the week editing them.
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    3D Camera

    Hi guys I am looking to take some action and motion shots and was hoping to take them in 3D, does anyone know of a good 3D camera that will get me some good action shots of things like football and cricket and also athletics? Many Thanks for any replies
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    Noobie Sports Photographer here

    Hello I have gotten into sports photography recently and am after some help and advice on how to improve my shots. Looking forward to chatting with you all