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    Wife's Birthday Project: Needing PS Help...

    No. "Fair enough" is good enough for me. One is theft, the other isn't. Here are two that you yourself invented: Fact: de minimis rulings have been based on the amount of a claimed loss. You invented the irrelevance of the amount of loss. Fact: A law is broken when a court so rules. You...
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    Wife's Birthday Project: Needing PS Help...

    You're guessing wrong. Speaking of ethics, you're rather free with using quotation marks to attribute a position to someone who didn't use those words. Is that okay in your system of ethics? It isn't in mine. There's a substantive difference between a minor alteration on a photo that was given...
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    Wife's Birthday Project: Needing PS Help...

    Apparently none of the legal scholars here have ever heard of the principle, long recognized in the law, called "de minimis non curat lex."
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    Wife's Birthday Project: Needing PS Help...

    That's pure Barney Fife. "Screw over" the photographer? How on earth would cloning out a rope "screw over" the photographer? How much money or business or reputation would he lose as a result? Phooey. The job has already been done. At no charge. Get over it.
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    Wife's Birthday Project: Needing PS Help...

    If I were you, I'd take all the copyright warnings on this forum with a grain of salt. Lots of Barney Fifes here, if you know what I mean.
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    help create an effect like this

    What application are you using? If it's Photoshop, are you familiar with layers and layer styles?
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    Liquify help

    If you have CS5, you might get better results with puppet warp. I would select an area like this and copy it to a new layer, then use puppet warp to enlarge it.
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    Liquify help

    You could upload the raw file to and post the link here.
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    How to achieve this "intense concert"-look?

    That looks to me like several images blended using layers and masks.
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    How to achieve this kind of photo look?

    If you have Photoshop, take a look at the Topaz Adjust plug-in.
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    do you edit in Photoshop or lightroom ad why

    I edit in Photoshop because I generally use lots of layers and masks.
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    Retouching techniques used

    Looks like more cross-processing to me. In the links I gave you earlier, note how the RGB values show what's been done. Check RGB values in the darkest shadows and brightest highlights, and you'll see what's going on. For example, here. Notice how high the R value is.