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    Wich second camera i should get?

    Hi, i curently have the nikon D3400 with the 18-55 mm Lens. I am looking to upgrade. I generaly do landscape and portrait / self portrait photography. I also bring my camera on day hikes. I am looking at the mirrorless Canon eos m6 Mark 2? I know its a different brand of camera but im willing to...
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    DSLR lens compatibility What about this would it work?
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    DSLR lens compatibility

    Hi, so my grandfather gave me his old camera gear and was wondering if any of these could fit on my DSLR Nikon D3400? And if i would have to buy any lens mount adapter? Thanks in advance
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    witch camera is better and why?

    Im buying a camera in june. i am a beginer so my price is verry limited. Im debating on the Nikon D3400 or the Canon Sl2? i did allot of research but they have so many things in Common that i dont know witch one to chose! I know that the cannon has a touch screen but that dosent really interest...
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    Nikon d3400 & Canon sl2

    hi I'm looking to buy my first DSLR and my grandpa has some lenses that he had like 20-30 years ago from the brand Minolta and Sigma so is there any camera that I could use them on? thank you! I'm still debating to get Nikon d3400 or the canon sl2.
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    19 years of age interested in photography!

    19 years of age interested in photography!
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    Nikon D3400 or Canon rebel t6??

    Im looking to buy my first DSLR but I'm debating on the Nikon D3400 or the Canon Rebel t6? the D3400 is 24 megapixel but the t6 is only 18 & at the end of the day is there a big difrence? my first choice was the T6 but I think the D3400 is better am I right?? or its just a personal choice? thank...
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    Best place to buy a Camera??

    I'm looking to buy a Nikon D3400 as my first camera and I was wondering where could I get it for the lowest? I'm located in Canada and they sell it here locally but its 600$ and online there are some at 490$ but I don't like to order online for stuff that expensive so would any one know a good...
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    Can any zoom fit a DSLR???

    thankyou very much!! it was a great help!
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    Can any zoom fit a DSLR???

    My grandpa has a 500mm zoom from the brand Sigma and Minolta that he used on his old Minolta camera from about 30 years ago approximative and I was thinking of buying a Nikon d3400 and I was wondering if the zoom would fit on it? I know that might be a stupid question to ask but id like to know...