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    Light from the other side of the lake

    Very Nice!!. If you want longer star trails you could try it with a ND filter maybe?
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    Ain't that just ducky!

    You should probably put a bandwidth warning on - those are pretty big pictures. Whats the new toy?
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    Hoar Frost Up Close and Far Away

    I love them. Great DOF.
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    Russia (part 2)

    Okay, heres the second installment of pictures from my trip to russia this winter. Comments/Suggestions?? Thanks Peter
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    Carolina Dawn

    lovely atmosphere
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    Cherry Blossoms

    Oh you people with warm climates and early spring. We had snow on sunday with more forecast for thursday. I want summer to come soon. Grr.
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    nice shot. why has the road got no snow on it?
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    More Birds *56k nono*

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    Destin Beach Back At Ya !

    I like the grainyness. Could you lighten it abit - I think a litle lightening in photoshop would really bring out the bleached wood and shadows. Nice shot
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    Thanks for all the coments. Like LaFoto said, these photos are from Estonia - we took the bus from Tallinn(the capital) to St. Petersburg. I'll put the pictures of St. Petersburg up soon. The weather was freezing- Tallinn was only about -17 celcius but in St Petersburg it dropped to -22...
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    Finally got my photos from Russia/Estonia scanned and on the web. Heres part 1: Any coments - good or bad- are welcome. The pictures should link to my site where there is more information on each picture Peter
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    my view during lunch today

    The squirrel is great!
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    Very early morning

    Love the colours! they seem a little squint though or it might be just me.
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    Ripe and ready to eat ...

    double ditto, tomatoes are foul!
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    The wolf is fantastic!