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    Couple of Katie.

    ^what he said gorgeous
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    Images too dark on Nikon D40

    use the meter
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    *munch munch*

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    Lisa portrait. What is the best crop ?

    #1 I like the bra strap
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    They say self portraits are the hardest...

    I have to ask - did you focus manually? Good shot just the way it is. The lighting works with the dimple.
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    Monterey Bay Aquarium Yep its through the glass. Tried to get as much noise out but its still there.
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    The bees knees

    all great
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    Shannon - another beautiful senior (please critique)

    Good all around. I think the tan line is great. Lighting is wonderful. Color too. One beautiful subject. :thumbup:
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    Any D40/D60/D90 Users gonna get this lens?

    I have to have one now.