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    Hey you guys!

    Welcome to the site.
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    Looking for used backdrops and props.

    Backdrop has some good prices on backdrops. As for props I love to hit up the local thrift stores. Just picked up a few wooden item(wagon, tricycle, and box with hearts). There is also trying to find stuff on Craigslist.
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    donating D100, flash, lens, case, CF cards

    Regardless of who the recipient is I think your generosity is an awesome thing. You definitely know how to pay it forward. Sent from my iPhone.
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    D90 Auto-Focus Not Working using 18-105 lens, but 55-200 lens is fine

    Might try cleaning the contacts on the lens. If your auto focus works with one lens then that verifies that it works the way it's supposed to and points to the lens in my opinion.
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    donating D100, flash, lens, case, CF cards

    I would love to be able to give this to one of my children. Money has been tight and we have two kids that love to take pictures, but I have a hard time letting them use our good slr bodies. So if that qualifies then please add my name to the list.
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    FS: Nikon D300 Body & Grip

    Wish this would have been up about a month ago. I picked up a D300 locally for around the same price with less extras. GL with the sale.
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    The TPF Great Gear Give-Away continues....

    Congrats. Damn you random generator for not picking my number. LOL
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    The TPF Great Gear Give-Away continues....

    Can't wait to here who the winner is. Hope it's me. LOL
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    WTT: manfrotto 701hdv head for ball head

    Okay I'm trading for a manfrotto tripod with a 701HDV head on it. I'm not really fond of the head and would prefer to just get a ball head. So if you might be interested in doing a trade let me know. I should have more information on wed when I complete the deal. Might be willing to sell...
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    Want to trade Nikon D800

    I've got a D900 I'll trade you. LOL
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    Seller / Buyer

    iTrader comes to mind with this and it's pretty simple to install on a vBulletin forum. Of course it won't help with newbie's coming on to post their stuff. Putting a post count minimum would help as well. A scammer isn't going to waste their time most of the time if they have to get to say...
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    The TPF Great Gear Give-Away continues....

    Can't wait to see who gets picked would really get some use out of these for sure.
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    Nikon D3 Body w/Charger & TWO batteries - Great condition

    Hard to know if you have a serious inquiry without some kind of price.
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    MS Paint can resize any picture in no time at all, using online services probably takes so long since it has to upload the photo.