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    Photo printer and monitor suggestions

    Hello all! I'm new to the forum and one of my first threads is an important question - so please, if you have a suggestion or comment let me know! I'm researching a new monitor and photo printer. Both are to be used in sych for making quality, large scale prints (8x10 and larger) to custom...
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    Studio car photographer

    Great post Mike, I appreciate your input! You're absolutely right about the high volume of cars and not being able to adjust for each one - that's the biggest struggle. I would have to call my job "process photography" because I shoot every car roughly the same (exterior 200,f/16; wheels 200...
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    Studio car photographer

    Sadly, the cars do suck 90% of the time. I do get a chance to shoot 'Vettes, Camaros, Chargers and Challengers on a regular basis though. I'll occasionally get a cool used car, like last week we had a Honda Si Mugen, BMW 325i and Bonneville GXP... bit whoopie, I know lol Here's a cool collage...
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    Randy Joe Thomas, 43, grew-up in Lee County, but moved to Owsley County at 11 years old. He currently lives in Owsley, KY, with his wife and two children
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    Alex Mott, president of Colleges Against Cancer, won senior Student Volunteer of the Year Tuesday, April 13. Motts’s hand reads, “Take the time and give back.â€
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    Denise Jacobs-Woolf’s house on Vine Street was crushed by a 200-year-old tree Wednesday. Jacobs-Woolf, her son and dogs were all in the house when the tree fell, but no one was injured.
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    Studio car photographer

    Thanks for the post - much appreciated! I've seen that video - pretty helpful, but not realistic for what I'm doing. I shoot roughly 17 - 20 cars/day from 360 degrees. I'm okay with reflections, as that's part of the game. I also understand angles… My biggest issue is getting the...
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    Studio car photographer

    Hey guys, I'm currently the studio car photographer for a dealership and I want to improve our photos the best that I can with a new lighting setup. We're currently running 8 AB800s, each clamped to the frame structure of a studio (see pictures). The photographer before me bought and...
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    Recent KSU photojournalism graduate :)

    Hello everyone! My name is Nikolas (Flickr: photoj87's Photostream) and I'm pumped to be on this site! I just finished my long and tediuos career in college and I'm now starting to discover real life. This past summer I interned as a team photographer for the Cleveland Indians (1 of 3) . I...
  11. Broken bat

    Broken bat

    Kevin Youkilis, of the Boston Red Sox, jumps over a broken bat while running to second base during a game against the Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field.
  12. Pinewood derby

    Pinewood derby

    Boy scouts watch as their cars fly by during the annual Pinewood Derby in Suffield Township, OH, on February 19, 2011. The boy on the left advanced to the next round.
  13. Skating into the sunset

    Skating into the sunset

    Ryan Johnson, 27, of Akron, Ohio, skates during a sunset on April 26, 2009
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    How did you hear about - Film and Digital Photography Forum

    I JUST signed up! I searched google "most popular photography forum" and this site came up: Top 5 Photography Forums Glad to be aboard :)