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    motion shots

    To get the sense of motion in your pictures you could try and sync the flash at a slower shutter speed to get some blur and have the flash "freeze" some of the action on stage.
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    What's in the bag?

    Canon A1 28-105mm lens f/4.5-5.6 Sunpak 611 2 sets of batteries+ flash bracket Yashica TL Electro ITS 50mm f/1.4 Lots and lots of film :D
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    D70 or 10d

    I think that canon has nikon beat in the digital world Canon seems to be ontop of new technology, while nikon is lagging behind I would would like to buy the 10D when the price goes down or i save up some more money my vote is for the 10D (more professional then the D70)
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    white tire

    the contrast seems very low and the tire (which i presume is the center of the picture is out of focus) The picture in my opioion seems dead (it needs some kind of punch)
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    Making B&W photos out of color films

    I know kodak makes b&w paper specifically designed for color negatives (i dont know what it is called though)
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    I dont know what you were going for on this one exactly the whole picture seems very sad and depressing I would also like to see the picture more in focus, on my monitor it seems soft
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    Flower in B&W

    Thank you all for your comments I beleive with this picture when i took it was more towards capturing the detail in the petals rather than the flower. I will try some of your suggestions After looking at a couple of prints i made online and some 8x10 i decided to blow it up to an...
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    Flower in B&W

    Ill try and fix the DOF problem, thanks for your comments, i knew it was lacking something but i couldnt figure out what. thanks again for your help :D
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    Flower in B&W

    I like how this photo turned out, but would like some other critiques on it other than my own Hope you like it :D this was done on 120 Tri-X 320 no post processing was done except for adjusting the contrast and levels
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    Where's the best place to get wedding photos developed?

    If your taking pictures as a "professional" I would definitely use a professional lab. I had some bad experence with "one hour" services and would not trust them with anything as important as a wedding.
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    Condenser or Diffusion?

    I use a diffusion enlarger. :D
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    Red Eye

    thanks for the info, ill make sure i move closer to the people farther away insead of zooming on them. thanks for all the information :)
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    Red Eye

    Thanks for the information, ill be sure to try some of these ideas. Another question is, would a diffuser on the flash reduce red eye?
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    Red Eye

    I was wondering if their was anything i could to to reduce the amount of red eye in some pictures that i have taken. I used a bracket mount flash with a diffuser over the flash head and had it more than six inches away (measured from the center of the lens). I was using a zoom lens 28-105mm...
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    Photographing a Party

    Thanks for the great advice and information. I hope that everything goes well for me Thanks again :D