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    Does anyone use a large turntable for 360 photos?

    We do! We have a 16' table that we use in the large studio. It holds up to 4 ton. I would suggest looking towards the direction of car turntables. You might need to do a little wiring change to make it able to stop at given angles, but it will do what you need. The down side is that they are...
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    No word association?

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    Flying Saucers Ruin Another Sunset Photo!

    I had a similar thing happen once with a sunset, but mine didn't come out as well as yours. It had 3 great reflections and then a few that gave away the secret.
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    No word association?

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    No word association?

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    Matching angles

    Just a thought, dont ever move the camera, leave the tripod where it is and raise the height of the item into the center of the frame. Think jackable table. We had these years ago that were made from the base of a barbers chair. Now mechanics have them to work on atvs and motorbikes. This way...
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    Do you use a wireless mouse?

    Bluetooth Magic Mouse and I love it!!!
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    No word association?

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    Law on taking photos of toys and posting them online

    I have always wondered this same question about products that we shoot. If I shoot a product for a reseller, but I have the final image on our site, am I in breech of copyright? I have always felt that if we are, let us know and we will be more than happy to remove the image.
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    Reflection On Shoes

    To get the reflective surface to show, you need your flash as close to the exact same angle as the lens is to the product. Additionally, you need it to be a direct light, not a soft light. We use a snoot right above the camera to get the reflective surfaces to show.
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    What Backdrop Can I use for Automotive Product Pictures

    I have to agree the farther the better when it comes to the distance to the background. I always try to double the width I am shooting and if I can I work towards 3x the width.
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    Aurora Alert!

    Let us know, did anyone get any good shots?
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    No word association?

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    Greetings From Indianapolis!

    Welcome from another Indy guy.
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    What do photographers do during winter??

    When it is slow, we clean the studio, build more rigs and get the word out. By the way, I let Word out this morning, and he has not come back for his lunch yet.