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    Night Life!

    Do you know what's causing the lines in the snow in the second shot? Reflections from the stars maybe? Awesome shot!
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    Film is Still Alive

    Lots of people at my university camera club are hybrid shooters, using both film and digital. The appeal to the millennial and younger generations is, I think, the novelty of doing something that can be completely divorced from digital apparatus when they themselves have grown up in a world...
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    Post a picture of yourself

    In the darkroom I'll have to leave behind in a few days Sent from my LG-H910 using Tapatalk
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    Anyone build their own Photo Editing PC?

    $2500 would build you a total overkill, kickbutt, make all your friends drool over it computer. I spent ~$800 building my computer about 4.5 years ago, it is geared towards playing video games but runs all the adobe products I use (photoshop, lightroom, premiere, and after effects) like a dream...
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    What are you reading?

    Love me some dialogues Sent from my LG-H910 using Tapatalk
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    Well, apparently I'm famous (infamous?), or: How not to provide constructive critique

    That blog post is a good example of a strawman argument, sorry your photos were used like that.
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    for senior photos, did the photograher ever write the grad year on the bottom of your feet?

    I graduated high school three years ago. Towards the end of the year we had an assembly featuring a slide show of everyone's senior photos (photoshoot style as well as studio style) and I remember one girl had our graduation date written on her stable boots but that's about as close as I saw to...
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    Kalt Mini Red Safelight

    Thank you for for the info, compur. I was working off what the internet was saying about red being safer than amber because it emits light at a spectrum farther away from what my paper was sensitive to. Serves me right for not reading the manual! I'll look into buying one of the safelights...
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    Kalt Mini Red Safelight

    I needed a new safelight as my old Delta Junior bulb got smashed in the process of moving house, so I drove 1.5 hrs to the closest camera shop to me and picked up the "Kalt Mini Red Safelight", product #NP11178. It fogged my paper almost instantly, completely unusable :apologetic:. Just to be...
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    In-Camera Cyanotype Negatives

    Got some more scanned properly just now. I have bought b&w chemicals and paper. My plan from now on is to make paper negatives in camera and then contact print onto cyanotype paper. I also bought transparency film so if I want to make larger 8x10 prints instead of 4x5 I can.
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    Weekly challenge - #Filtered 3/3 - 3/9

    Home made soft focus filter in front of the lens and C5 preset on VSCO [/url]
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    Adventure shots with you in them!

    I was doing research on gullies like this one last semester at my university's arboretum. [/url] [/url] Cool thread!
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    I see what you mean now that I'm looking on the computer, perhaps finding a way to prevent light spilling onto the background would help. I do like the idea of the outside petals appearing softer/glowy though.