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    Female Pheasant

    Great shot Jeff15, Spot on DOF, detail and colour. I like it.
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    Pleasant timing

    Yesterday was first property day out with the camera, up to now I just taken a pigeon on a nearby chimney stack. I took quite a few shots, various items, looking down footpaths with reeds and trees, some swans, some deer, a little egret, but I made mistakes, several. I guess the good thing, at...
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    Pleasant timing

    Or should I say Pheasant timing. I was out for a drive today with the wife and saw this beautiful pheasant, so stopped and managed to get a shot at it. Lens Tamron EF SP150-600mm f/5-6.3 Di VC USD G2 ISO 400, f/8.0, 1/400 As a beginner I welcome all comments and suggestions. Your comments...
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    Who Wants a

    Great shots fujidave, that is a powerful machine you have there. :icon_camera: The bull I mean. :eagerness:
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    Appalachian Barnyard

    Nice shot oldhippy, great balance of items in the shot and colours. Not to mention the kind horse turning for the shot.
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    George Inlet, Ketchikan, Alaska

    Nice shots Dean, what an experience, stunning scenery.
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    Looking Back on Yesterday

    Great shots Dean, nice and sharp. I like both both the seal and water is my favourite with these shots.
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    Early Morning Vessels

    Nice shots Dean. Do you think the sun hitting the front of the boat and water in the first one could have affected exposure slightly. Not sure with the second one, first I think very dark behind, but that helps the boat stand out better. Good shots, these are only my thoughts, I will see how...
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    Ben A'an No3

    Lovely shot weepete, I like the leading path, the rocks and the colour. Very clear shot.
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    Low Tide Enjoyment

    Nice shots Dean.
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    One I Know And One I Don't

    Great shots Dean It will be interesting to read comments on the second bird, it looks to me like a snipe but, its beak doesn't seem long enough, may be it is a young one, I'm not sure. But I am sure about the shots, brilliant as always.
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    My State Bird Pays a Visit

    Fantastic shots. Lovely bird.
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    Stormy sunset over Allt a Chapuill, Isle of Arran

    Very nice Vieri That is a great shot, it has it all. Light, dark, sharpness, blurr, black, white and colour.
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    You got the heads up on this one Dean :encouragement:
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    Rock Pigeon

    Nice shot Looks like it is doing the birdie dance. Coooo l