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    Wein 'Safe Sync'?

    Acording to the literature I've read, the 20, 30 and 40D's can support a flash trigger voltage up to 250v (vs. 6v on the 10D and 300D) due to the use of a semiconductor switch rather than depending on a mechanical contact. Your safe with pretty much ANY flash.
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    which one ?

    When shooting moving objects, the displacement of a moving object is directly proportional to both velocity and time...and the acceleration of the object compounds this. Now the velocity is also directly proportional to time. Time is a factor twice, making displacement proportional to the square...
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    $1000 to spend. what would you buy?

    If school functions are even 25% of what you'll be shooting, save yourself a headache and go with an f/2.8 zoom...even if it means waiting and saving up some additional cash. When I originally purchased my 30D, I went with the Canon EF-S 17-85 f/3.5-5.6 IS and the EF 70-200 f/ didn't...
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    Question for the Pros: Which digital format do you deliver to the customer?

    I have done a few paid photo shoots for my friends / co-workers. The last couple of times I shot in RAW, converted to TIFF using Adobe Lightroom, then burned the uncompressed images on CD's for the client. At 8.2MP the TIFF files are probably much larger then they will ever need/use, and the...
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    Britek monolights

    Has anyone here had any experience with Britek equipment? I'm looking to purchase (notice I didn't use "invest in") an affordable studio flash setup, and I've seen quite a few Britek ads in the magazines and also on eBay. Just wondering if they're a good value or not. I figured they would be...
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    Alien Bees vs. Photogenic

    I haven't purchased my monolight system yet, but the thing that I like about Alien Bees is their units come with an internal cooling fan, whereas most monolights in the same price range (JTL Versalight 300, Photogenic StudioMax III, Norman Allure DP320) do not. The thing I DONT like about AB's...
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    At Home DIY Studio and Lighting

    This is as far as I read ( of Part 1) in that article before my A.D.D. kicked in... All I can say is, FU*CK THAT!! I'll gladly pay through the nose for lighting equipment...let somebody else burn down THEIR house!! Hell, I hold my breath everytime I plug in our Christmas trees.:lol:
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    tripod question

    Does it have to "attach", or just rest on an uneven surface? I purchased one of these and I love it.... I use it quite a bit with my 20D and it works great on stationary objects. Its probably not what you had in mind, but I thought I'd mention it.
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    External Hard Drive Help!!!

    That could be the problem...however, for all we know she could still be using Windows ME and her existing files are in FAT32 format. Personally, I prefer to stay with the latest technology...I use a Commodore 64.;)
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    External Hard Drive Help!!!

    John is correct...Windows will auto-assign a letter to the drive. Can you see the drive (letter) in "My Computer"? If so, can you access ANYTHING on the drive? Some externals are "Plug N Play", others require drivers to be installed before they will communicate with your computer. I have...
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    Cheap Equipment alert on EBAY!

    Obviously this wasn't on the up& has been removed. Why do people waste eBay fees placing such a low opening bid with no reserve when they have no intention of selling it below a certain price point. I hate when I bid on an auction only to see it pulled at the last minute.
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    Great Photography eBook

    ADVANCED TIPS FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS. 111 pages (PDF format) Download here... Merry Christmas:mrgreen:
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    Question about using Layers in PSCS2

    Ah, I see...thanks Mike. Hey, Rab... when you say "Do not merge layers if not necessary", what do you mean by that? Is "merging" different from "flattening"? Please elaborate.
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    Question about using Layers in PSCS2

    Thanks guys...good info. So...say I have a jpg photo that I want to adjust shadows, color and sharpness...first I copy the background image as my first layer...then I'd create a seperate layer for each of the adjustments, and once I'm happy with the way it looks, flatten the image and save...