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    Preferred Cleaning Kit?

    Hi guys, I just bought a used Fuji XT1 and I love it, but the sensor came to me a little dusty and it's pretty obvious on low aperatures. Plus I love my vintage lenses and they could use a bath as well, but the sensor is my priority. This is my first digital interchangeable lense camera. I...
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    Overlander Photography

    I was reading about the XH1, that's exciting! the XT1 is the only one in my price range right now though I believe. I'm even planning on holding off on the fujinon glass and just using some decent vintage lenses for awhile. What is it that's niche about fuji though? I'm attracted to it for...
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    Overlander Photography

    Count on it, and pictures of everything in between!
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    Overlander Photography

    Hi there guys! I've got a thing for extended motorcycle trips and I'd really like to be able to better illustrate the places I go and people I meet. I believe I've gotten past the basics more or less, and I think I could benefit from being part of and learning from a community. I've been...
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    Awaiting Adventure

    Awaiting Adventure