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    Hotel Room Photography

    Are you familiar with A couple of cybersyncs, Vivitar 285's, lightstands and umbrellas and you should be good to go.
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    Optimize Image - Custom settings (D80)

    On my camera I tried to make the camera do as little work as possible-- I adjust everything the camera would in post anyways.
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    Audi photoshoot

    I guess I just like the faster way, and being able to drive my performance car (my A4 doesn't count as a performance car yet, I just mean in general) in any weather conditions. :D and don't worry about jacking the thread, it keeps it up at the top and I like talking about cars just as much as...
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    Audi photoshoot

    Exactly. Have the camera on a tripod, take one picture with the hood up, one with it closed, then use a layer mask to make one transparent.
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    Audi photoshoot

    Haha you've never driven a car with a performance oriented awd system I guess. Launching at 4k+ rpms and still having traction, and being able to put down 300+awhp with no wheelspin rocks. Boring car because of awd... have you seen the evos and stis? Anyways, thanks for all the comments guys. :)
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    Audi photoshoot

    Me and a friend finally installed the new suspension on his car, so we decided to do a quick little photoshoot. and just for fun: For you car guys, they're both '98 A4 1.8t quattros... The black one has nuespeed race springs on bilstein shocks, 18x8.5 rs4 reps...
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    Nikon D50 -- shutter sticking

    I'm gonna guess around 25,000. This is probably my problem. In the whole time I've had it, I've never cleaned it. I feel so ashamed!
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    Another question about lighting

    Check out the 'Starving Student Kit' on here. I haven't used it but I've heard good things about it. Good luck :)
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    Nikon D50 -- shutter sticking

    I've had my D50 for close to two years now, and recently I've been running into a problem. I attended a car show recently where I took about 600 pictures in maybe 3 hours, and every hundred pictures or so, my shutter would stick open. It would stay that way until I press the button to take the...
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    Yey - time to go wiiiide!

    These were all taken with that lens on my d50 :) It's a fun lens. Great for car stuff which I love to do. Landscapes and other shots like that are amazing with it. Enjoy it!
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    Old house on the outskirts of town

    Let me know what you think. :mrgreen:
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    River and the sun

    What do you think? :)
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    Winterscapes at Sunset on Christmas

    I love that first one.
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    Turbulent Times

    Very nice. I love long exposures of water. :)
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    sacramento river

    This is the Sacramento River by the Sundial Bridge in redding, california. Any comments/critique is welcome. :)