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    Sunset Dandelion

    These bad boys are perfect
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    Pixmedics Photo Contest XII "The END"

    The end.... The End by Sam LaMothe, on Flickr
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    Please help to analyze below sample image and method to achieve

    Look closely behind her arm on the second image, looks like they didn't even photoshop out the light stand.
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    Software Help

    Online storage amount.
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    Afternoon Delights

    That is awesome! Nice shot
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    Milford Sound Early evening...

    I really like #1
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    Mini galaxy

    That's so cool!
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    Philadelphia Art Museum

    Thank you!
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    Philadelphia Art Museum

    Thanks guys
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    Philadelphia Art Museum

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    Philadelphia Art Museum

    Few shots from the other night in Philly! Parkway from Art Museum by Sam LaMothe, on Flickr Art Museum by Sam LaMothe, on Flickr
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    Monterosso The Reef

    That's awesome!
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    Strobe lighting

    Hey guys, I apologize for the late response, but thanks so much for all the tips! (mid-term time at college, not a ton of time to get online) I purchased a gel set tonight and it should be here Friday, I'm hoping to get another chance at testing this this coming weekend. Thanks for all the tips...
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    Strobe lighting

    I feel like I haven't been on here in forever, with school starting back up its tough to find time to mess around anymore! But I finally got a chance to mess with the strobe kits that I won in @Destin's giveaway! I'm trying to better my product/tabletop photography, this was shot with one...
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    Longer Lens or Crop Sensor

    That's good info...I never knew that to be honest. Good to know.