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    Help with PROMax 600 Studio Strobe

    In a horse trade of sorts, I wound up with (2) PROMax studio strobe units, a 600w/s and a 300 w/s unit. These are the fairly large sized mono-lights, and I believe that they are made by Blazzeo. I am trying to figure out what the "mount" is on the front of the unit, as what I have always...
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    Senior pics

    I THINK YOU SHOULD BE ARRESTED AND PUT IN JAIL. YES I AM YELLING AT YOU. Criminal endangerment of a minor. Set a kid on a train track, with a train visible in the background. TRESPASSING...and wreckless disregard for the life of your client. SHAME ON YOU. I hope the railroad police or local...
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    Wedding and Engagement Photos. Am I undercutting the competition?

    There are some things in your numbers that don't add up to me, and this is not said to be ugly......BUT....... if it takes you 2:1 time to process pictures vs shoot pictures, I have serious questions about your ability to shoot GOOD pictures to begin with. IF it takes you 10 minutes to take a...
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    Jail Mugshots

    Hi James. My name is Rick, and I just retired (25 years) as a "Technology Specialist" working for a correctional facility here in New Mexico. Just some curious questions, what is the JMS system that you upgraded from, and what did you go to. Most of the current programs capture a still image...
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    200mm 200mm???

    The partial answer is actually in your photos. If you look at the EXIF, the Sony picture @200mm is at 300mm 35mm eq. Look at the Nikon picture, (1.33 digital zoom) and you have a 400mm equivalent. :D
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    Another attempt

    Well, if this was your home work, then can you tell us which aperture you used for each photo, and what your intent was with the DOF for each photo? I may have missed it, but there is no EXIF info on the pictures, so were you in manual or auto, what kind of camera and lens????? Did you have...
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    First Family Session

    Well, I have some comments. In picture #1, the background is very distracting. Because both girls are the same distance from the camera, a larger aperture could have been used. I cant see the reason, although it was perfectly fine to do so, In using ISO 200. In both #1 and #2, I would like...
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    Need Advice

    Well, this may be out of line, but....... I think that selling the camera would be horribly disrespectful to your Aunt. (Now if you are starving and eating bologna it may be different). But this is a super nice camera, and even it you only ever use it in Auto mode, think of the family memories...
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    Bad Professional Photos

    Well, now here is an interesting retort.... I think that Horrible Professional Photos are the best thing that ever came along for me; especially the LOCAL area photographers. One of the hardest things that I have to over come, is accepting my own pictures as good. I see an interesting site, and...
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    Help me make up my mind

    Corel has a deal going right now, for older versions of Paint shop to upgrade. I have Pro-X 5 on both of my computers, and it does well when I have to use it. It's reasonably priced. The newer versions are GREATLY improved over the old ones. Check them out.
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    Focal length question on powershot sx120

    From reading your post, I don't think you have some of the concepts down at all. Your book for the camera is not explaining some things well either. So we need to get some definitions clear, to understand things. Focal range refers to the distance from the camera an object needs to be, for the...
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    Train Track (C&C Please)

    Photography aside....I hope you are taking these pictures SAFELY. It's not like the train can swerve to miss you! I am an avid rail-fan photographer. I love rail photos. BUT...and a big BUT....... before I even tried to get a photo like this I spent almost a full year learning about how the...
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    Another "legal" question

    Well, this might be a silly question, but how many model releases are signed for the year book? And why would this be any different?
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    Cheap Lighting

    Well, nobody has answered, so I will take a stab at it. I can suggest the ULTIMATE in cheap lighting. So cheap in fact, it's practically free. I say practically, because it involves a small investment on your part, not of money, but time. Now, I hope I am not about to give away the secrets of...
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    canon EF-S 55-250 f 4.0-5.6 IS II motion blur 'effect' advice

    1/320, @ f6.3 at ISO 1600 and 220mm....... really? Did you even look? Come on guys if you are going to try and help and least look at it with some thought, False and wrong information doesn't help.