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    the front man kinda looks "deer in the headlights" in all his photos, and kinda uncomfortable. Good job with the still life ones tho, they are beautiful.
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    How to achieve this look

    it works really well for me if you make your own soft box, just using a desk lamp and paper. put the lamp on a low adjusment and tape pieces of paper over the opening. The room needs to be completely dark so the lamp only illuminates one side of the face.
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    Sunrise Over the Moon- Maybe NSFW

    i'm glad to see you are using your talents and very expensive equipment on such a tasteful and artistic subject. icky.
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    birds of a feather

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    fortune tellers

    yeah i didn't realize that the second one was out of focus that bad until i posted it and saw the edges. it looked very good on my computer, tho. and the curves needed to be readjusted on the first one because my printer wasn't correctly callobrated with the computer.
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    fortune tellers

    1. 2.
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    trying the whole "portriature" deal

    how about a little critique please, instead of just slamming? i'm a new photographer and could use a bit of encouragement. it's more of a documental photo, i realize, but nonetheless it is a portrait-style one.
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    "Dying to be Thin" NSFW

    those are some powerful images. i especially like the one with the girl turned around and her hands above her head, and how in the other photo with her arm around her face, you can see goosebumbs. i like this collection very much.
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    trying the whole "portriature" deal

    my mommy in the kichen, cooking thanksgiving dinner. she did not appreciate the photo :) Brennan, downtown on top of a building. sunlight! comments and critique me, PLEASE!
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    sara is portrait

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    i like that house, there.

    i can't really remember, its an historical landmark tho. it was up in washington and i didn't get a change to read the plaque. and thanks for pointing out the windows.. i never noticed that before ha
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    the balancing man me my little brother, with ellis and link
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    i like that house, there.

    yeah...i didn't realize that it was that crooked until i looked at it on photoshop. it was in washington.
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    i like that house, there.

    which is better, d'you think?
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    Under the bridge

    ha ha yeah kinda. they somewhat make me feel uncomfortable, like something is really wrong. it just may be the intense contrast