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    please delete my profile - can't find a place to do it myself, thanks!
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    amateur guests

    the thread never had the chance to reach the resolution of 'agree to disagree' imo.
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    amateur guests

    what are they gonna do - close THIS thread??
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    amateur guests

    hey, what happened to the ice cream. you trying to add to the confusion here!?
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    amateur guests

    ha - it was a point i wanted to convey but the thread got closed. take that admins! j/k.
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    amateur guests

    ... it happens all the time. a guest takes photos at a wedding. they are now professionals and post it on their photography business facebook page. wouldn't bother me, if the guests can find their photos then they should be able to find yours and see the obvious difference. and if there is...
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    Paparazzi photographers

    the paparazzi documentary has been done
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    What kind of camera were you using 12 years ago

    i was using a 2027 Nikoltanon - standard equipment in the time machine
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    Wedding Guest Photographer's Etiquette Help

    post em, let em sue you. i'd like to see them come up with that one in the law books. you clicked the shutter, you own the photos - the paid photographer should have made their business presence known with cards directing guests on where to look for the pro photos.
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    New freelancing, suggestions please

    for the sake of consistency, i'll post my standard reply. but this is the last time. someone said i did a good job unclogging their toilet, i can now post here: Plumbing Zone - Professional Plumbers Forum oh and how much do i charge? ok thats it - i'm retired from these type of...
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    Do I need to pay sales tax in this situation?

    then i'm not a business either. there, i no longer have to pay taxes.
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    Your best marketing advice

    where do we send the difference from the check you disburse?
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    Help with interview questions?

    for that pay, they should know the location of the shutter and power button.
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    New and need advice ASAP!

    i recommend the bakery business or anything else.