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    Are film SLRs worth buying?

    If you are interested in the challenge and don't mind the expenses of film processing, film, etc then go ahead and get a film SLR. If you're trying to learn it might be more economical to get a digital (even an advanced P&S). I started out with a film SLR and definitely learned a lot. I...
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    Looking at a few filters

    Hey everyone, it's been a loooooong time since I've posted on this website, but college has kept me real busy the past few years. I haven't stopped shooting, just stopped posting for a while. I've got a question regarding a few different filters I'm looking to purchase. I mostly shoot...
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    just a thought

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    More pictures of the White Horse Vale

    I love these pictures. How do you get that coloring on the photos like that? what i mean is, how is every picture so virbantly dramatic. I've wanted to take photos like that for a while but I don;t see how it is done.
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    Lakeside Sunset

    if you dont mind me asking, how did you get the sky to have that effect?
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    candles and lights

    Here's two of mine Links broken :(
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    this guy is my hero

    this guy rocks
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    What are YOU....

    that pretty much sounds like me before a school project is due oh, and im thinking about how bad my grades were last marking period
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    Canon 350D for sale...

    yeah, i might be interested but i dont know about the conversion
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    A little unsure

    Hey all Recently, my cousin announced to me that she was getting married. Then, she asked me if i would like to do the photographs for her wedding. I was flattered and i said "sure, why not?!" The only thing is, now i am having second thoughts. I am a little nervous because this is a once in...
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    Check this Video OUT!!!!

    freakin awesome...
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    history exam

    haha, im only 17, and i got 18 right. I guess that is a good thing?
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    I love being in school sometimes. i had a half day today, and i have all next week off. major picture-taking and lacrosse week for me!
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    Are you smart?

    same here
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    A new Game - The Chain

    ..."It was an accident!!!!!, but..."