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    My neighbor has a whole hive of these bees, love seeing them buzz around collecting pollen.
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    It's been a while!!!

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    It's been a while!!!

    Yes the chromatic aberrations were bugging me as well, I was just using a kit lens 18-55 mm f3.5 so the quality isn't great. The setting I used were 18mm, 13 seconds f3.5 ISO 5000, this was a stack of 10 light's and 10 dark's. Plus a 10 minute exposure of the foreground to blend.
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    It's been a while!!!

    Shewww! it's been quite a while since I've posted here. Good to be back, here is a photo I took last night of the milky way.
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    How would you edit these photos?

    Took these today, wondering if some of you would be so kind as to edit these, I know how to edit photos, I just want to see your guys take on editing these. Get those creative juices flowing, I can't wait to see how you guys edit them.
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    Lens Suggestions: Canon 5D mark 1 + Food Photography

    50mm 1.8 for me, like others have said lighting and composition is even more important that the gear.
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    Startrail Photography!

    I've seen quite a few falling stars to, it's cool to see, oh and also airplanes flying through creating more post processing than needed LOL.
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    Thanks, last year I bought the Canon 70-300mm IS USM II Lens, i'm very happy with it, it works geat, it's very sharp to.
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    Will EF Super Telephoto Lens Costs come down?

    Thanks for your help, much appreciated.
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    Loss of sharpness in Canon 100-400?

    I did that actually, it was focusing perfectly, i got the chart and tested it, it's focusing fine, it's just the lens i think.
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    2 squirrels

    Yes I use Topaz as well good software.
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    Startrail Photography!

    Thanks, yup it's all personal preference for sure, I have tried some lighter sky photos. I just like the dark ones better. if I was going to print this image I would take it back into post and lighten up the sky for sure, as i've found from personal experience that dark areas don't print well at...
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    Will EF Super Telephoto Lens Costs come down?

    Thanks for the reply, wow 5-10 years, I didn't think it would be that long, but what about (Used) lenses? Sorry I should have added the word (USED) in the original post. Like the ones from Ebay or Kijiji ect... And should I even be investing in an EF lens if I know that eventually (I WILL)...
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    sometimes you only get one shot

    Very beautiful.