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    Wedding shoot noob

    Do you have backup equipment if your camera decides to stop working or you trip and crack your lens halfway through the wedding?
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    Newbie - my attempt at a product photo for my website

    I think your issue is less about the lighting and more about the white balance. Did you set it to match the color temp of whatever lighting you used?
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    New here

    Beer cans can be moved. As could those picture frames in the background. It's a nice snapshot of a couple of cute kids who look very nice together. If you want to take your photography to a professional portraiture level then you will have to manipulate the scene somewhat. That could mean...
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    Some old shots re-edited. C&C if you would.

    The man at the end of the road is way too small to be any sort of visual anchor for the image. I looked at the pictures before reading your description and was wondering what in the world was the difference between them. I finally saw the little speck but didn't realize it was a person until I...
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    C&C pic from photo class

    I sincerely hope you did not just post this woman's real name and phone number on public Internet forum.
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    Best 'knock off' lens?

    Tamron and Sigma seem to be the bigger names in the 3rd party market. I have a Tamron 28-74mm 2.8 that I like really well. And I went to WPPI last week where one of the "famous professional" speakers claims to shoot almost exclusively with Sigma lenses. I think your best bet is to decide...
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    Advice on a paid event I'm doing........

    I second the idea to cancel. There will be ceremonial rituals taking place. This is a once in a lifetime event. You don't have the skills or equipment to do this justice.Unless her basement is HUGE, a 50mm lens is not going to cut, esp considering the crop factor on your camera. You'll likely...
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    Outdoor Portraits. C&C if you please

    Not true. I have an IPS monitor and it was only $300. It had great reviews and has been working beautifully.
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    Oh it wasn't a posed photo. If it were, then yes, I would have had him push his glasses up and move his hand and all that. Like I said, this was a candid. It was never intended to be edited or cropped, it's just the one I happened to grab to practice on and I was kind of happy about finding a...
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    I think a lot of my pictures are kind of washed out looking so today I set out to study some new editing techniques. I started off this morning looking at some lomo stuff and tinkering with it. It wasn't quite the look I was going for. Then I came across digital cross processing. I'd heard of...
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    Need help...

    Depends on how old it is. When I first tried to calibrate, I was using a really old, kind of cheap monitor and I was not able to do some of the things the calibrating software was asking of me. For example, it wanted me to set my color temperature to 6500K. That monitor had no way for me to do...
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    Need help...

    Calibrating a laptop isn't ideal, but you should still do it if that's your main editing monitor. Or like CC said, hook up another monitor to your laptop - then calibrate that. As for your question, I am on a calibrated monitor and all I see is a sea of black with a few lights. Looks there's...
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    New picture C&C please

    Cute bunny. As for C&C, the lines in the bricks aren't level giving it a "tilted horizons" look. And I find the snow sticking to the house and in front of the rabbit as well as the flower pot to be distractions from your subject. Straightening and cropping would help, IMO.
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    Exposure settings

    I'm not quite sure what you're asking. In manual, you determine the exposure yourself. The camera meter will give you a reading. You adjust the shutter speed, aperture and/or ISO to get the exposure you want. Since you're just starting out, try just getting the meter to zero out. See how often...
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    Whicj digital SLR?

    Just so happens I have one and my dad has the other. We both like our cameras quite well and either will do just fine for bees or moons. The big difference in equipment you'll need for those types of shots comes down to lenses. For good moon shots, you'll want as big of a zoom as you can get...