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    Need a track shooter to replace me for driving event. Hope everyone is great this week! :)

    Need a track shooter to replace me for driving event. Hope everyone is great this week! :)
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    New kid on the forum.

    welcome, from the better side of the pond! :-P
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    Why teachers drink

    "Life’s head is the basketball and I’m the basket." this made my day, thanks for that!! one i heard on television: Leno was going around D.C or perhaps it was NY, showing people a sundial. few knew what it was or what it's used for, but one answer had me giggling. his response was, "yea, i...
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    Recovering D600 deleted files from SD Card

    my problem was recovering the raw files. i was able to see several jpegs, some from a few shoot and formats ago, so not sure how the software works, but i tried a few and none worked well for recovery of raw files. .nef to be specific. this was last year i believe.
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    Abandoned Building...

    no, no trespassing signs? unlocked gate? take the .40 and shoot....the camera i mean though....should anything 'threaten's flada...stand your ground law!
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    I'm a no-bull**** person...(rant)

    show up for class, throw your feet up on the desk, eat your meal...with earbuds in of course, pick up a recent copy of Design Drafting American and just sit there. at least one student will ask, what you are doing, simply respond, "hey, if y'all don't don't give a flying f-stop, nor do i"...
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    People who take money but know nothing.

    i have seen 'contractors' in the bigbox homeimpovement kennels, ask the guy with the apron how to do/complete jobs....makes me cringe, and feel sorry for the "contractor's" client. i think it comes down to two things: what defines a professional photographer and laziness i don't consider a...
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    Critique for some Croatia pics

    try posting fewer at a time to get more responses... 5,6,7,16 are quite nice! a few others i like as well, but 3-4 images is all i care to focus and comment on as too many images in one thread is not recommended for C&C. cheers.
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    Are these any good? Derelict place.

    i like #4 most could a recompose as suggested by D. #3 is nice, however i would've included the entire nearby frame and cut off the far away one, and have the horizontal supports begin more towards lower left corner. #1 has several lines that carry the eye toward the distance, but the one beam...
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    hello from a newbie :)

    welcome to the forums. read up on the faqs, and get aquainted with t
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    Best. Hair. Ever!

    so marty went back to when doc was a kid?
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    Revenge (warning may offend)

    at first glance, the wardrobe seemed fit. at second look, i think it sorta works; compliments without being distracting.
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    Feedback appreciated.

    welcome lisa, i too, like the butterfly shot, however the oof elements are distracting to me. last bee, i like perspective, but perhaps closer and get a flash on there so you can darken the distracting doesn't seem uniform enough to render it out of focus enough to not be a...
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    Scanning Negs vs Enlarging and Wet Prints

    ok the three passes thing was funny, got me laughing....thanks for that. but quick question, how is it faster if one does the multiple exposures and stitch the shots? in some cases there are many images and just shooting that many takes longer than scanning. EDIT-not lazy...more interested...
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    gav, you have several valid arguments. perhaps i don't see it as much of an issue.