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    Northern Lights

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    CF Card Advice...

    In my opinion this is the card to go with, they also come in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB sizes 4 GB Professional 300X CompactFlash
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    GIMP & .NEF (raw)

    This maybe what you are looking for. UFRaw - Download & Install
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    Weathered Country

    The sky is amazing
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    Shutter Count on D90

    This should help you Exif viewer : Opanda IExif - Professional EXIF / GPS / IPTC Viewer & Editor in Windows, IE & Firefox
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    Raw Conversion

    Have you tried preview
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    Post your winter photos

    Here are a few more.
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    D700 firmware update

    For anyone interested and not aware, there is a firmware update.
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    sigma lens

    Its a valid warranty up here. :drool:
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    There is also the D300 that sits between the D90 and the D300s
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    Nikon Camera

    Yep a dead give away :)
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    1000+ Random Pictures

    Algonquin Park taken with a Tamron 17-35
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    What's the buzz

    Tell me whats happening. Nice photo.
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    Canon Vs Nikon!!

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    sigma lens

    You may want to look at this.