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    Auto or Manual Focus?

    I'm used to manual focus and I favor my manual focus often the AF glass is left at home. I DO use aperture priority a lot,but I use manual often and program modes seldom. I trust my 70's vintage camera more than any of the newer stuff I have. It does not have a lot to say so it never...
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    Tamron lens

    I know the manual focus SP 28-80 and it's fine and sharp with very nice macro. From what I have seen of Tamron's AF lenses-I like them,and I'd figure they continue to do the SP line as their this is nice and to get better takes some pretty major $.
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    Some Questions about my (working) NEW EPSON!! :)

    odd,I have a Photo R 200 and my software looks different. Anyhow...the normal window should give you several selections based on paper type and selections for text,for text + pic, for photo and high quality photo. The advanced button lets you choose enhance or do the color sliders. I don't see...
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    I'd note that on ebay, you have to factor shipping and you want to get some claim by the seller that the item is working,in good condition. Sellers get graded on the item being AS DESCRIBED and even Great Condtion..implied it DOES most will refund if there is a problem. Also on...
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    Unbelievable features for $199

    My experiance with Digi P+S is that they have various "modes" that add up to mind clutter. I can see though how some of the automation lets it be made small. Battery life? I've had a P+S that could not do 40 shots without a recharge. Durability? EGGSHELLS. Many can't survive a year of regular...
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    Transition to a 'new' 35mm camera

    I probably have 15 cameras at the moment including 3 X 370's, a X 570, a X 700. I'm still a Pentax guy as I'd started with screw munt and Pentax was most "backward compatible" ....well...they still are, the Current DSLRs are happy to use ANY ols Pentax bayonet mount and with the same...
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    film scnners again!!

    Recently got a V 500 Epson rather low $ on in box. t has Ice and the res of the V 700, no provision for "wet mount" which I'd be a bit reluctant to do. So far...seems to scan very well but I have not done a big blow up yet. For MOST..the V 500 is the most cost effective option. For 5X...
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    poster prints from 35mm negatives

    I have a "full quality" print that size from a Kodachrome 25 slide and there's no obvious grain unless you really look close. I had a Kodak poster print done off a Kodacolor 200 neg and the grain is there up close but from a normal 3-4 ft distance..not apparant. Not sure if there's even a...
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    canon film cameras

    There ARE all those things. If I COULD spend $3000 or so for a FULL digital SLR rig...maybe I'd like it more. "Average" folks are snapshot people and a simple, compact, digital point + shoot works for them. Used to be a lot of people spent for a good 35 mm..found out they were snapshot people...
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    recommendation for a film camera

    Oops. On Craigs you pay a bit more but get to SEE-TOUCH-TEST. I Sell gear on Craigs,some of it what I bought on ebay. A BUSTED often more $ to fix than to replace. I just got a pair of ME Supers, winder, 4 lenses (ebay) and to my dismay the one Camera had a dead shutter-and the...
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    Inside Avail. Light Prime Shooting..

    Often "available light" shooting in pretty high contrast,for instance, stage light. Then a soft-wide open can be a plus. With rather soft room light,window light etc you may like to stop down a tad.
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    Itching to try 35mm film camera, no idea what to look for FM or FE body only goes $35-50. $80-150 gets an F3. Nikkor glass never can be had cheap but I've done very well with Tamron's especially the higher end SP's Some real low prices now are Minolta man focus, you can get an X370 and several real nice lenses for well under $100...
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    Which film for no flah-gig/concert photos?

    My camera was an old Mamiya which..handy..had spot metering. I'd scan around the scene and watch the meter needle swing as I aimed at the bright and dark areas-then I'd look to meter something MEDIUM. Generally..with my 135 1.8 I'd be shooting wide open and at 1/125 with 800. With the 50 1.4 I...
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    Which film for no flah-gig/concert photos?

    I find the current 800's to be quite acceptable. If I'm shooting my 300 f 4 tele then 800 is difficult unless I can brace on something. 1600 helps a lot then, but i's a bit grainy. Underexposures will bring out the grain more. My 135 1.8 is my "concert" lens. It's decent with 400, better with...
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    F-stop on lens?

    DO NOT touch the mirror,the coating is delicate. The botton of the focus screen can be carefully dusted ,the best thing is a camel hair atist brush. You can usually di nothing for the inside of the viewfinder unless it's a unit with removable focus screen (your's I'm pretty sure is not.)