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    Was wondering if you still had the canon 5dsr for sale

    Was wondering if you still had the canon 5dsr for sale
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    Canon EOS 5DS R (body only, original packaging)

    Is this still for sale and if it is do you have a shutter count? Thanks
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    First Child Photoshoot (Feedback Appreciated)

    I agree the color tone seems to be off. with out knowing how the childs skin tone looks like in person here is a quick edit.
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    Unbelieveably Safe for all Audiences. Let's have your C&C!

    Great set one of my favorites. Nice and elegant
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    Back to the Office - Definitely NSFW

    Very nice well done
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    The color is buggin' me! How to fix?

    I think the white balance is off. I could be wrong but I think if you adjust the white balance it will take care of it. Just a suggestion as I very well could be wrong.
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    Supporting the Toronto Blue Jays (nsfw)

    Very nice well done
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    What's your next new camera?

    My last purchase was the Canon 1dx and I am getting ready to purchase a Canon 5drs
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    Secret Romance - Rosio - C&C always appreciated

    Outstanding & perfectly processed.
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    Shannon. Your C&C desired

    I dont mind the chest being to bright as I think it draws the focus on her face. I think it amazing and love the background.
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    Not a Laughing Matter (Laughing Gull)

    Great detail in the bird. very sharp well done
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    Gear Insurance for the everyday photographer

    I pay $75.00 dollars a year to insure 20k worth of equipment. No deductible and dont matter where it happens or if its lost or stolen. I dont use the stuff for business so that might make a difference. I go thru my home owners insurance. I did have to scan every receipt though and give them a copy.
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    Teleconverter or Crop?

    I have found if the lights good that the 1.4 version III work great. But I have to admit the better the lens like the 500mm and 600mm lens are the real winners of the tc. The best lens I have dealt with that works amazing with is of course a really expensive lens and thats the 400mm DO II that...
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    Eagle Season Coming to an End

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    Wow some samples of the canon 1dxm2 shots taken at 10,000 and 32,000 iso and there clean. 10,000 impresses some but 32,000 really impresses me. Here is a link with samples Andy Rouse - Wildlife Photographer