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    Fed up with this

    Yes. I'll have to get better at recognising US timewasters. I can recognise timewasters in the UK though. They also take up less time as the calls are shorter due to UK calls being more expensive. It helps when people say they want money straight up. This guy was slimey and devious, using words...
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    new printer

    Ok. It's time for a wide format printer. I refuse to buy anything Epson because of the last couple of Epson printers having been absolute trash. My latest just went in the trash after 3 changes of ink cartridges only. Nobody would buy it even for $50! I won't buy HP either because their Mac...
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    Fed up with this

    Can't. I'd probably be turning away potential customers. I'm not listed anyway.
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    Photography assistant?

    I just saw some fairly nice 10x8s done free - they looked a bit out of focus. They were done in the local mall. I think people like these mall photographers have the portrait stuff nailed. People will buy it because it's cheap and won't really care that it's crap. The lighting was almost decent...
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    Fed up with this

    I'm so sick of phonecalls from leeches that want me to buy something from them. Today it was some turkey from "super pages" that engaged me in a long and boring conversation about where I was to be listed. Finally he mentioned money after about 20 minutes which is where I told him to b....r off...
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    Photographs no longer provide proof of anything

    I don't get why the Iranians were embarassed that 1 missile didn't work. 75% is pretty darned good. Out of every set of miliary stuff - missiles, bombs, grenades, cartridges there will be a certain number of duds. For example, out of a box of 550 .22LR I fired off over a couple of weeks, I had...
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    Political Forum?

    Hmm... I found a couple of forums like that. I remember one debate started on aviation security and photography then developed into a debate as to how effective/ineffective security was before anybody that disagreed with the site moderator's view that security was just peachy got banned. And yes...
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    Bridal shower

    Yup. Actually that quote is not mine. When I worked for the Latvian Ministry of Defence back in the 1990s, I had a Russian girlfriend who went by the name of Svetlana Miasnikova. She constantly grilled me about what was going on at work and even offered me a job working for the KGB. Needless...
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    Question about firearms (non-political!)

    I have pistols. There's always the next gun though. I've been around them all my life. I like to shoot them to see how they shoot and to see how accurate I can be. I compete against myself to be better each time. It's just some outdoor fun for me. I have no desire to hunt or to shoot any living...
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    Bridal shower

    Oh I thought I'd give an update... The woman concerned didn't have the decency to cancel. I had to turn up and find nobody knew what it was all about and I was told rudely to go away. That's the absolute last time I will do anything free.
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    AV & TV are just stupid

    There was one dSLR that did have a POS setting. It was so indistinguishable from the other settings that they took it off and just called the camera the SD14 instead.
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    Photography assistant?

    There are hundreds of wannabe assistants. There are hundreds of one-man shows too. The wannabe assistant pool is very useful if the one-man show bites off more than he can chew but it's not steady work. McDonalds, flipping burgers is steady work with benefits too!
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    So.. My Hard Drive Messed Up. Tech Help?

    an update - the wife's laptop's hard drive is dead. I put my Hyperdrive HD80 drive (a Toshiba) into it instead, found an XP Pro disk from somewhere and installed XP Pro. I put the data and some of her software on. I could not put Outlook back nor Word as these were on the recovery partition of...
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    Wedding Photographer - free but sucks

    If you'll pay my transport and hotel then I'll do the wedding with the basic CD coverage for (insert number of hours multiplied by hourly rate).
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    advertising effectiveness

    I went for the free listing in the Yellow Pages. I am going for the free stuff before I start spending money.