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    Life in 4 seconds

    Thanks for the info! :)
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    custom logo design? everbranded?

    @KmH - woah, that's really harsh!!! @407370 - thanks for making me that. :) @tirediron - I will look into Craigslist - Thank you!!!!
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    custom logo design? everbranded?

    I did talk to some local graphic designers. They kind of fell into 2 categories. 1) poor service, unresponse or 2) super helpful and crazy expensive. I think finding someone online is the best for my situation. ps - i checked your site a couple days ago. It looks good!
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    custom logo design? everbranded?

    I am in dire need of a custom logo for my photography business. The primary purpose for it will be used as a overlay for my client work (as a watermark). That way people will know that I took the photo. So i did a bunch of researching and stuff and found a number of sites. Out of the 10 I...
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    First Star Rrails Photo - How to improve?

    I think it looks amazing. Personally the exposure seems spot on for me. I would just take the photo when it's a bit darker out. So there is more contrast between the stars and the backdrop. Awesome Awesome job!!! :)
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    My best friend / Lagotto Romagnolo

    Please do not encourage me!!!! :1219:
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    Highway to Hell, Truck Stop Series

    That FORD logo is great. Was it completely rusted over or was there moss on it too? Really really great shots!
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    Over The Rainbow

    I love the detail in the wings. It's a great photo. Thanks for taking it!
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    Modern Art

    I am also a sucker for these too.
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    Erfurt, Germany

    One step above medieval times but it looks oh so beautiful. Love your shots!!!
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    Vermilion Flycatcher

    Never seen a bird like it (as far as I know). Really great shots. Thanks for sharing!
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    Long wait at Penn Station, NYC

    Can't blame the guy. Last time I checked the seating at Penn Station was less than adequate.
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    Life in 4 seconds

    Great concept. Would be cool to know the age of the two dads in between.
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    Dust Bunnies!

    I think that's a great idea too!
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    This was so easy!!!

    For some reason the site isn't loading for me right now. I'll check back later!!!