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    2022 New Year Resolutions related to photography?

    Explore new means of photography as my main photography is being adversely affected by the current pandemic
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    Comment by 'RichieS' in media '[No title]'

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    New Kitteh

    Love the pattern on the fur of the kitten
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    Lens cap tie

    That's true, its mostly in my pocket, but sometimes I do misplace it. The thread was because somehow it went into a different partition on its own, spent an hour looking for it, and gave up. Ordered new lens cap and kood lens keeper, at least its on the kood. I know it isn't the perfect...
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    Lens cap tie

    Ironically I found the lens cap. It had somehow gotten itself into the wrong partition of my backpack. Still got the kood lens cap keeper
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    Lens cap tie

    I've ordered off eBay due to two bad experiences by Amazon
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    Lens cap tie

    Does anyone know where I can get a lens cap tie or string for Canon lens cap? I keep losing my lens cap
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    New dark background style available really makes TPF photos pop

    Cool, so I don't need to burn my retinas out by looking at a bright screen
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    Accidental selfie

    You could only try using the exposure slider in ACR or LR
  10. R Outage and Update/Lost Data

    Mobile app when the forum works well with the browser on a mobile device already?
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    Canon: Camera Market Saturated

    To be honest, I just want to improve my photography, rather than snap buy every latest model on the market With mobile/cell phones having the ability to take photos, it is in no doubt that the market is saturated
  12. R Outage and Update/Lost Data

    I don't think I've posted enough to worry about losing data, but I do like the new design
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    The Canon R3 announced

    I think the price dumping of the R5 is happening. I swear I saw that the price was something near £/$5k, now its £/$3.5k
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    The Canon R3 announced

    Thanks, didn't know I had to do that. I've just put a few that were highlighted here Canon EOS R3 announced boasting high-speed capabilities | Camera Jabber
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    The Canon R3 announced

    Canon EOS R3 - Professional Mirrorless Cameras - Canon UK I want to know whether this would record video in RAW, the battery life, albeit, you could have a battery pack I assume, and the overheating issues like in the R5. I don't like my battery life to suddenly quit on me while doing a...