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    Scots Pines on a frosty day

    Very nice shot. Beautiful colors and keep the border
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    frozen lake

    Very nice indeed
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    She looks like a lingerie model to me (Nsfw)

    Sorry, but as others have already pointed out... The teeth. My eyes went instantly there and kept going back. Closer to Vampire
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    The sky this morning.

    Beautiful Ron. Sure looks like a cold start.
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    Mermaid with Flag

    Interesting Joe...It sure does make you wonder
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    Phone Booth

    Very nice Judi. I I agree with Designer. I think the sky is a distraction from the otherwise darker tones.
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    Color or BW?

    Color hands down
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    Shot Trying to Escape (PG13)

    Good eye Joe!
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    First time family shoot - C&C welcome!

    Sorry, they just don't seem like Christmas card material to me.
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    New camera

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    i think this turned out pretty good.

    I'm in Joe's camp here. It's a "nice" photo. If it happens to be your house number, take another after a fresh snowfall and use it as a Christmas Card. Oh yeah, and I'd definitely lose the watermark.
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    Just another glorious mountain sunrise!

    Very nice work!
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    Black & White or Sepia Opinions...

    I'd bring out the shadows and clean up the tones a little. Seems little muddy
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    Early Morning Freight

    Thanks Ed & Lew. Nice edit Lew. I kept it more "as seen", but I do also like the "added drama" in your take.