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    Feedback Please

    Thanks, I'm working on getting a more varied assortment of work up, but haven't just yet. What's your opinion ss far as the website/usability/presentation goes?
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    Feedback Please

    Hey Everyone, I just set-up a portfolio site and wanted to know if you'd mind giving me some constructive criticisms? Thanks for any and all help! EnricoSoriano
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    How would you edit this?

    My attempt...
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    I'm a retard

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    Easy trick to improve every photo

    Sorry, not diggin' it.
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    Someone good at Photoshop

    My attempt...
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    Another PS request

    I was bored...
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    Recent HDR's, C&C

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    For Sale: Used Canon Battery Grip/BG-E1

    The grip has been sold.
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    For Sale: Used Canon Battery Grip/BG-E1

    You have PM!
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    Starting Up Again

    Thanks fokker.
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    Rejected Again at a local art fair: suggestions & advice please

    I like them, but wouldn't consider it art. I see them as really good photographs taken during your time at the local fair. I believe a more abstract approach would yield a better chance of getting into an art show. Don't let it get you down though. Those two photos are very nice. Just keep...
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    Starting Up Again

    Thanks Derrel, I'll try and remember to turn the camera over and get a tighter shot next time I find myself in that situation.
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    Starting Up Again

    Thank you! Glad you like it :) I took a brush in PS and painted around the edges, then blurred the painted area until I got what I thought looked right. Do you have any examples of a "natural vingette". I didn't know it was a natural effect and am curious as to what it really looks like...