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    DONATING stuff for Nikon! (or, FREE Nikon stuff)

    Ok, so hypothetically, what if I were to just send you a bigger camera bag? Lol

    Selection of images from the weekend

    Grumpy cat for the win! Nice set :)

    Who wants to help critique my resume?

    Ok, so quick tip. You want an interview? Realize that it has nothing to do with you, it's all about cya. Or at least that's how almost every HR department on the planet functions. So, put this resume down as a reference. Go and look at the actual ad where they posted what they are looking...

    Cleaning Lenses And Camera Optics

    I do the same thing. Whenever one of my lenses gets dirty, I use the inside of Trever's T-shirt. Must be the fabric softener he uses.. but there is just no better way to clean a lens.

    Zoom Lenses: The Awful Truth

    So if I really want corner to corner sharpness I just shoot a little wider and crop out the corners. Omg! The inhumanity of it all! It's just way too complicated... lol Sent from my N9518 using Tapatalk

    D810 Out Off Production

    Me!... Me!

    Should I...

    Talk? To a girl? Pffft. He needs a lowepro street and field vest and the matching belt. Some facepaint might be a nice touch. Make him look like a SWAT team reject. Then he should head over to her place, kick in the door. Lol.. Seriously, for the op... Not the end of the world...

    Wildlife/Birding lens for Nikon

    I'd probably lean towards the 200-500mm 5.6 then, sounds like that would be a good fit for what your doing. The 150-600mm's, the G1 Tamron and the non-sports Sigma are in that price range too, I looked at both but as far as consistency I think the 200-500mm would probably yield the best over...

    Wildlife/Birding lens for Nikon

    Ok, well Nikon lenses for budget wildlife shooting... hmm... The Nikkor 200-500mm 5.6 would be a good place to start. Sigma and Tamron both make 150-600mm lenses and the older versions are generally in the $700 ish range, both of which work fairly well but you will need to practice with them...

    We aren't smart enough

    Not all of the houses along the coastline were built with 20' thick ferroconcrete walls and equipped with safety systems specifically designed to withstand a 120-130 ft wall of water. So, obviously, because of this lack of precaution, we must evacuate Hawaii. And Guam. Oh, and the...

    We aren't smart enough

    Ok, well certainly doesn't invalidate anything. 16,000 or so directly killed by tsunami, 1,232 or so killed by "nuclear related" causes. So most likely anything that they could blame on radiation as being a possible exacerbating factor. But again, same logic applies. People haven't abandoned...

    We aren't smart enough

    Either way it's pretty much a "stuff happens" scenario. It's not like the plant was located right on the coastline. They probably never envisioned a tsunami big enough to hit it, it's something like 30-40 miles inland. So it just wasn't possibility they were really prepared for. So yes...

    We aren't smart enough

    Well lets see.. something in the neighborhood of 16,000 people died as a result of the tsunami itself. As far as I know no one has died as a result of radiation. So maybe we're just not smart enough to live on islands.. maybe that should be our take away here. So messed up.. yes. But maybe a...

    Hello shutterbugs

    Walk straight up to that 40d and tell it your the boss and you are not going to put up with any of it's nonsense. :) Odds are good your first shots won't be that great. So what. Nobody is born knowing how to drive a car all that well either. You drive a bit, get better, then drive some...

    Don't even think about it!

    Love this Sent from my N9518 using Tapatalk