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    Its that time of year again (family portrait overload)

    #2 sucks. Nice Paige.. You kick ass.
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    Bad influence

    Thank you guys.. I will share a few more from this wedding later after I am done.
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    I love Derrel but.....

    why the heck do I see his profile pic all over my browser. I am using. an iPad.
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    nswf a bit

    I think the background is too similar to the skin tone. I agree with joew that it needs more contrast and maybe a b&w.
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    nswf a bit

    I see you followed the rule of third! :laugh2:
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    Got some portraits and a column published

    GJ man. I have been following your work. I am pretty sure you can take awesome photos with just a phone camera. When you got it, you got it!
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    Bad influence

    LOL.. you can thank Pinterest. I didnt have to do anything except take the pictures. All you can do is pray you do it better that the pinterest. 18 Wedding Ideas That Will Only Appeal To The Most Awesome Of Couples Weddings Pinterest
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    Bad influence

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    Writing "About Me" sections are the WORST.

    If your link is "About Me", then you need to write it as first person. If your link is "Who is Emily" or "About the Artist" or "Info", then writing it as third person is acceptable. I personally like writing it as first person. Makes it more personal. Plus it is really a one person...
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    Writing "About Me" sections are the WORST.

    Let me write your about me. I am your stalker remember? I practically know everything about you.
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    Torajan funeral ceremony: gruesome and barbaric water buffalo sacrifice

    Yes they eat it. You should see the the tradition of them taking out the deads out of the grave and give them new clothes, comb their hair, etc. Now that is INTERESTING!
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    Low key self portrait

    Cheer up bro!
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    A Recent Portrait, Martin Schoeller Inspired

    Looks good.. More light around the eye sockets maybe if you want it to look like Martin's.
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    film and slide scanners

    Just digitize it your self. You can buy a nice scanner to do this yourself. I must warn you though, it is time consuming. Once you have the high rest jpeg, you can print it however you want.
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    Upcoming wedding Venue

    Here is my opinion. If the clients requested to do the formal (group photos) in front of the altar, then do it! If they never mentioned it, I would personally suggest doing it in front of the church (exterior). You will have tons of photos of the ceremony looking at the altar. There is no...