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    This has to be my photograph (I own the rights to it as professional material)?

    I agree. I was going to ask what that post meant, but the more I think about it, I'm not sure I really want to know.
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    Is anyone interested in a real critique thread?

    What I like: The narrow depth of focus. The B&W tones. I feel they are just enough to make the scene ominous, but not so much as to give a sense of dread. What I don't like: The bokeh could be smoother, but that is as good as my Nikkor 50 f/1.8D gets. I'm ashamed to say that I don't ever...
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    $250 ticket for shooting on a tripod in NYC?

    Back to the topic - I agree with usayit. I would definitely fight that. So they can tell you to leave for any reason and you will get ticketed if you don't? Even if their reason for making you leave was wrong? That seems beatable to me, but you never know in today's world.
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    $250 ticket for shooting on a tripod in NYC?

    So the OP is wrong because maybe he didn't think to try that combination of words in Google? It is what it is. I'm no more right or wrong for my opinion of your post that you are for your's of the OP's. So why not just post and let post? As is every forum on the net. They are also strewn...
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    $250 ticket for shooting on a tripod in NYC?

    So even if you're wrong you're still right? Who are you? My wife? Maybe he did and had no luck? Maybe he thought he'd post the question on this photography forum not looking for opinions, but thinking someone might know the law and post a link? And isn't that exactly what happened? So if...
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    HDR Movie? Yes those do exist...

    I'm not a fan of it either. I can surely appreciate the effort and skill it may have taken to make it, but I don't like the look. Video game graphics are judged by how well they can look like real video/reality, so why commend real video for looking like a video game? That is exactly what...
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    what happen to photo of the month?

    I also miss the POTW and think it needs to come back.
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    Am i ready to charge?

    Why ask for opinions if you aren't ready to hear ones you don't like? Sounds to me like you already made up your mind so why even bother to ask? If you have people willing to pay and you want to do it, then go for it. But as most have pointed out, you have a fair bit to learn. That's not to...
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    Feeling nostalgic

    Yep 1541. I couldn't remember it's number. I thought the code in the magazines were in a form of BASIC. I could be wrong though. It's been a long time. I remember it could do BASIC because I played around with creating my own lottery game and that was in BASIC. My favorite game was One on...
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    Feeling nostalgic

    Boy that takes me back! I remember I thought I was the stuff because I got the floppy drive with mine! I typed thousands of lines of code just to play a bunch of stupid, basic games. Loved every minute of it though. Before the C64, I had a TI994A if anyone remembers those. EDIT: I...
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    So what's coming down the line?

    Better dynamic range! That would be number one on my list.
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    Artistic Nudity discussion?

    This totally cracked me up! Good one!! :lmao:
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    Artistic Nudity discussion?

    Obviously not, which would seem to indicate we aren't as narrow-minded as you. While we may be more judgmental than you when it comes to porn, we are obviously less judgmental than you when it comes to people. What is hilarious is your hypocrisy. You mention "midwesterners". Why? You...
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    Artistic Nudity discussion?

    This is SOOO true. I am always amazed at how often the "open-minded" don't have an open mind when it comes to "closed or narrow-minded" people's point of view. Oh sure, they have an open-mind when it comes to what other people should tolerate or accept, but shouldn't they, by virtue of their...
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    How to clean stubborn filters

    I'll try some of that liquid lens cleaner. I didn't realize there was such a thing. Thanks for all the input!