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    Wedding shots.

    Thanks for taking the time to look at my site and post these I stated before I'm quite happy to accept constructive crit and acknowledged the previous poster for that, no problem there. However I do take exception to another poster just saying 'poor quality photos'. Again the...
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    Wedding shots.

    Thanks for at least expressing why you don't like them. I was shooting at f4 the whole time indoors, the maximum aperture of my 17-40L. The ISO varied from 200-400 due to the varying light.....and before you go saying I should have a wider aperture lens, I have a 50mm 1.4 but it was unusable in...
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    Wedding shots.

    It's comments like this that put people off posting on here. I'm fine with people commenting and disagreeing with my stuff, but at least qualify what you don't like. Thanks glad you like them. Thanks for commenting.
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    Wedding shots.

    Thanks for commenting....I think you're looking at this from a photographers pov...naturally. Wedding couples look at their photos from a nostalgic one. Couldn't agree more....I didn't get paid for this one, it was a love job for a mate. Agreed. Here is a non blurred shot.
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    Wedding shots.

    Thanks Lyncca....indeed as they say, the customer is always right....however I wasn't convinced which is one reason why I posted. It was a tough situation, rainy day, shifting light and not that great an enviroment, very small space. Thanks for the input Mishele....I should have arranged the...
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    Cool chopper.

    Glad you like the pics....don't understand the chopper comment, except that perhaps you're a 'crotch rocket' fan :lol: Thanks for your comments....the guy who owns the bike loved the shot, also the magazine I shot this for really liked it. But then, they knew about the relationship between the...
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    Blue Light.

    Two shots from Avoca Beach where I live.
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    Victims of Time

    I think you've captured the atmosphere of your area quite well, the feeling of isolation and quiet decay comes across well. My fave of the three posted here is #2, I like the colours and the dry feel of the enviroment. I do think your subjects are excellent and I would try some different...
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    Cool chopper.

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    A Load of Bokeh

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    Wedding shots.

    Fair enough, can you tell me why? The wedding couple loved them intention was to make aspects of the image stand out and for me this was achieved. I do think it's not something that should be used often.
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    Wedding shots.

    A friend asked me to do his daughter's wedding a couple of weeks's two shots.
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    When soul and body are flying together

    Beautiful photos, well executed and processed with a distinct style.....I haven't posted here in a while, some of the comments above are why. Sorry to see things haven't's the same on other forums, put down style comments, from people who can't come up with the goods in their own...
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    Dolomite peaks.

    Thanks very much for the compliment....the peaks do have a mystical quality.