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    phoenix camera

    I've been searching on gougheule, and it turned out that they eventually are Minolta X300... One is without AP (p2000), the other with AP (X3000) and the P5000 is a "redesigned" version... but nobody sells it used!
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    Best Flash for Phoenix p2000

    As the phoenix is actually a Minolta x300, I think that any 1980s minolta would work. Otherwise, it has a standard hotshoe coupler so any flash will do the work. cheers! stephane
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    phoenix camera

    Hi all, a friend of mine asked me how much he could get from a brand new chinese phoenix SLR, but I don't have the slightest idea. Do you?
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    Help needed from Leica experts!

    Yeah it's definitely a I that has ben converted into a IIIf. It was quite common to do so : you bought a camera, and then upgraded it into more advanced models. Its history seems to be : "I was bought as a Leica I" "Somebody at Wetzlar added a rangefinder upon my poor cover" => Leica IIIF...
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    I'd even say... go there and have a laugh... how it all started with spam!
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    Cleaning Negs

    if your negs are reeeeally dirty, you need to wash them again in clean water with one or two drops of wetting agent (photoflo). gently rub them with your finger, and hang them in a place you know there isn't muc dust. That's all, and harmless for your negs (did it tens of times) stephane
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    Lomography - isn't it going too far??

    I've got a Lubi2, which of the two takes the worst pictures?:lol:
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    July 04th, 2006

    what pictures??
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    A trip to Paris

    A bit of advertisement for my blog, where I posted a couple of photo I made with my Kiev and Rolleiflex... Their common point : they all were taken in Paris....
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    Lomography - isn't it going too far??

    i can't imagine that a Lubitel, that once (well, a year ago) cost 15$, is now worth more than 60!! I'm glad I've got one, but never tried it... because his big Rolleiflex brother would be angry if I used that cheap plastic thing instead of a 2lbs, metal, glass and loving craftmanship camera...
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    Lomography - isn't it going too far??

    well it was not for a Lomo but for a Kiev 645, which is, however, more or less the same thing. I found it new with accessories for 380$ on ebay.. Skylark - what lubi did you use for that? Lubitel 1, 2 or 166U?
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    Lomography - isn't it going too far??

    Lomography : a strange word indeed. It's known to have been invented by a couple of Lomo and low-quality photography nuts, but it appears that the whole story was made by... Lomo!! Here's my vision : in 1991, USSR fell. Thousands of companies were to be closed for economical reasons, now they...
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    Medieval fest (still in north of France ;-)) 6 pics

    j'adore ton site. La photo du cousin dans les photos d'insectes sont superbes. Pour celles des photos médiévales, le type sur la 12 est vraiment imprenables :wink: for our english-speaking french : the site is really nice. Insects pics (especially "moskito 1) are wonderful. For the medieval...
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    Film types for bright conditions

    otherwise take a grey -0.5 or -1ev filter if light is really too bright.
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    I need some help..

    we both have the same point of view. High quality doesn't mean expensive, it means good construction, good lenses, sturdyness. It has nothing to do with price, but with feeling. you can have a very high quality camera for nothing (say, a pentax SP1000 and its 1.4/50 STak) and a pay a lot for a...