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    Nikon Macro Ring Flash

    Thanks, I'll skip the SB-29. Only found one MF-18 on ebay for Nikon. More than I paid for the lens. Hmm. Not in hurry. I'll keep digging.
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    Nikon Macro Ring Flash

    Yeah, I don't see any either. Godox makes one like it for Nikon. Thanks.
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    Nikon Macro Ring Flash

    Hey folks, Been a bit busy, and it was winter. Not much to shoot. Birds are returning and my buddy did buy that Sigma 150-600 mm C. Works great. So he's bugging me to get out. Pics to come. Anyhow.... I FINALLY found a Nikon macro lens for a price I could live with. Long story but, ended up...
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    Need opinions. Scuffed lens.

    Thanks for the replies. Appreciate it. Understand some of you would pass. But, I looked up the Sigma authorized repair center. It's in NY. Gave the number to my friend. He spoke to a very helpful repair person. The repair wouldn't be cheap. The front lens group is 250.00. About 100.00 for labor...
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    Need opinions. Scuffed lens.

    I'm aware of your opinion on pawnshops. Just trying to help a friend out. Not sure how he could do better. He has a Canon T6i. That's the cheapest I've seen used but If you have to pay that, you might as well buy new and get the warranty. The used market is bonkers.
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    Need opinions. Scuffed lens.

    Betting you didn't bother to click on the pic. If you can find anything comparable on MPB, let me know. I certainly did not.
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    Need opinions. Scuffed lens.

    A friend of mine has been looking for a long lens. Like others, he's on a tight budget. Told him to watch pawnshops. Called me today with this find. I asked a lot of questions and he sent pics. Physically it looks good on the outside. Most of what you see is fingerprints and sticker residue. No...
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    help ID'ing these lens mounts

    First is definitely Nikon. The second is not Canon. Looks more like Minolta or what turned into the Sony A mount.
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    No thanks, I'm the Driver!

    Awesome shot!
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    The Coffee House

    RIP Betty. Sad. 18 days shy of 100. Yesterday on my homepage was an interview asking her secret for longevity. She didn't eat anything green. Lol.
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    My First!

    Not bad. Congrats. Same situation several years ago. Popped up out of the water while shooting something else. What the heck is that? Two quick shots. Settings wrong. Gone. No where as clear as yours but, enough to identify it. Looking for redemption.
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    New dark background style available really makes TPF photos pop

    Wow. I somehow missed this. So much easier on the eyes.
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    Merry Christmas everyone

    Merry Christmas to you too!
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    Ignorant pawn shops, good for us

    I don't have THAT much knowledge of vintage cameras. Enough to get myself in trouble. But, Google and Ebay can give you a pretty good idea of their worth.
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    Ignorant pawn shops, good for us

    The smoking good deals may be few and far between but, I find enough great deals to keep me cruising through the pawn shops and thrift stores regularly. You won't find them if you don't go looking.