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    Canon 350D Drivers

    Thanks for the help!
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    Canon 350D Drivers

    Thanks for the reply Darrel. I never did get the camera to show up on the desktop, but it was detected under iPhoto so I just imported using iPhoto. I'm still getting used to the whole Apple thing, but I'm definitely loving it.
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    Dubai... The fastest devoloping city in the world.. a few glimpses :)

    wow this a pretty good. I like 2 and 4. How did you get the color to show so well. Did you do some PP?
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    Canon 350D Drivers

    Then what? Everything listed there is an updater? What do I need to get the photos off my camera? I don't have a card reader so I have transfer straight off the camera.
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    Canon 350D Drivers

    Does anyone know where I can find the MAC drivers for the Canon 350D?
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    Learning Post Processing

    Thanks. Is that your website in your sig phocus?
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    Learning Post Processing

    Right now I just have GIMP. Should that suffice as far as software goes?
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    Looking for a Tripod

    Thanks for the replies everyone. Looks like I will be skipping a few meals this week... Where is a good place to buy used tripods on the web?
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    Learning Post Processing

    I am interested in learning how to Post Process my images. Right now I just take pictures and leave it at that, with the exception of an occasional crop. Where is a good place/ book/ online tutorial to learn some basic techniques of post processing images.
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    Looking for a Tripod

    I am looking for a tripod. I don't have a specific budget in mind though. Don't know exactly how much I should be spending... The main thing I need is a tripod with enough support so I can trust to leave my camera on it. Does any one know of a good tripod that will support a Digital Rebel XT. I...
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    Filters in General

    What are all the different types of filters for, other than being a way to protect the front element of a lens? I see all sorts of different types of filters being advertised of listed but I dont really know what they do. Can some one either tell me or point me in a direction where i can see a...
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    First Sunny day in a while

    My School is having a photo contest of "nature" stuff around campus. I had been meaning to take photos around campus ( we have probaly one of the best campuses in Houston, TX) but never quite got a chance to because for most of last week and half of the week before it was all very gloomy and...
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    Night Shots from my window...

    I like the first one and i think the second one has a good idea behind it, but like stated previously has a high noise issue
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    This is what I want

    The Shutter release should be around $20-$30 pretty much anywhere you can get it... You should be able to figure out how to do the long exposures in the manual.... I believe you can do it by just changing the shutter speed normall but go beyond numbers like 8, 6, 4 and in things like 3" 10" and...