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    Milky way and meteorite

    Awesome shot and a very interesting resource.
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    Photos from the monarch butterfly migration

    WOW!! Great shots and an even better experience. How cool for you!!
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    A Cormorant

    That's really nice! We have them here but the lagoon is currently quite brown, due to the rainy season, and there is so little contrast between them and the water, taking pictures is an exercise in futility!
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    Male Yellow-Throated Warbler

    This is another one to add to the list of new-to-me birds.
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    yet another CIF (Crow In Flight)

    Great lighting!
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    Camp Robber

    In David Attenborough voice: " we see the North American Trash Panda..."
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    Striped (a.k.a Brown) Basilisk

    Thanks. I couldn't catch it running. But it was nice enough to pose with the light falling on its eye.
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    Striped (a.k.a Brown) Basilisk

    Or possibly the Common Basilisk, I'm having some trouble trying to find enough info to figure out the difference. No matter the species, they are known for running on their hind legs when startled and can even briefly run across the surface of water.
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    The elusive Northern Jacana returns

    Thanks! It was a combo shot..hand-held and hands-free. The camera was hand-held, shooting out the window, as I was rolling past the birds in my car.
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    Searching for dinner

    Very nice! Where were they taken?
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    The Great Egret

    I'm always up for a challenge but this will be a tough one. So far, the only place I've seen it is outside the gate to our complex. Which means I have to be lucky enough for it to be located so I can shoot through the gate. Or, like today, open the gate and tip it off. I approached while...
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    The Great Egret

    I've herd of them but I don't think I've even seen one let alone photograph one. It just started showing up and I hope to get lots more shots.
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    The elusive Northern Jacana returns

    They are very cool and yours is an interesting question. So what is the difference between "bird" and "fowl"? The real payoff will come when I finally get a good shot of them flying. One day....
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    The elusive Northern Jacana returns

    Very wary and very hard to get close to. Unless I'm in the car!?
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    Gray Ghost in flight

    Very nice!!