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    uploading pictures

    uploading pictures
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    Bronica S2 Bulb Issues

    CGW, the manual does refer to pushing the button in and turning it to lock in place, but that doesn't seem to solve my issue. The shutter closes in about 1/4 second regardless of whether the button is held with either a finger or cable release.
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    Bronica S2 Bulb Issues

    The person I bought the camera from said that the bulb mode had been tested and also suggested the lube might be the issue. I'm sure it did travel in the cold to get here. Maybe I'll set it near-ish to our fireplace, or by the vent in our car if we go sledding somewhere today. Any suggestions...
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    Bronica S2 Bulb Issues

    I was hoping to be able to use the bulb exposure for some experimenting. With my digital photography, I enjoy night photography. I'm sure I'll survive without it. It just means I'm getting less than what I thought I was paying for. I paid about $280 total once you consider shipping and tax. It...
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    Bronica S2 Bulb Issues

    Any idea how the bulb setting physically works that might lead me to a solution? How does holding the shutter button keep the shutter open during bulb mode?
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    Bronica S2 Bulb Issues

    I just purchased a Bronica S2 (my first film camera). I loaded it with film and got set to take my first shot (of our Christmas tree), which needed a 16 second exposure. I did not have a shutter release cable, so I set the time to B and pressed and held down the shutter. It made a fairly fast...
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    Sunset in Ellensburg

    Ellensburg , WA?
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    Big Dipper over Rainier is the link to the Flickr page in any case:
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    Big Dipper over Rainier

    Finally got a chance to go out and take some more night pictures. This was my favorite of the night. Unfortunately it's been a while since I've posted on here and I can't seem to figure out how to get the appropriate link from Flickr or to post a larger file, so a small version will have to do...
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    Guthrie, OK - sites and scenes

    Did you get a chance to look inside the Masonic temple? That place is fantastic! They have quite a nice organ in there. Did a few concerts there back in the day... There's also an interesting little pharmacy museum that's worth a look if you get a chance...
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    Mt Rainier pre-sunrise light

    Thanks for the suggestions Tony S and Brickhouse.
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    Mt Rainier pre-sunrise light

    Speaking of Mt. St. Helens...Tony S, have you ever taken the time to visit? It's difficult to get to from Yakima and I haven't really seen anything online that makes me think it's worth visiting aside from the historical aspect of it. I would love to add it to my collection of...
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    anyone have any shooting at night tips for a 7100 because right now

    Yes, I think you're right. Every camera in a human generation is essentially the same. You're not happy with the cameras from this generation. Why don't you wait for the next generation and try again?
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    What's Going On?

    The lens cap example was a means to an end... In any case, thank you KmH for the article. I knew most of that already, but did learn a few things from it I didn't already know. Derrell, I think you answered my question, but I'm a bit confused. I looked up metering range and found the...
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    What's Going On?

    It's as though it's incapable of metering anything that requires more than an exposure of 2.5 seconds at ISO 3200, f/8. If I set it to manual with the lens cap on, according to the camera that is properly exposed. Same thing if I point it into a dimly lit corner with the lens cap off. Do all...