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    Rode Videomic Go on Canon 650D Hissing Problem

    Canon Manual - Page 193: The option you are looking for is 'Sound Recording'. Change that to manual and then it will allow you to set the noise levels manually rather than it boosting the gain when it gets quiet.
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    Anyone use Instagram?

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    Rode Videomic Go on Canon 650D Hissing Problem

    Does the hissing go away when there are sounds in the video? eg: is someone starts talking does it go away? If that is the case then what is most likely causing it is the Auto gain control (AGC) function on your camera. Essentially what it does is that as soon as the noise levels go quiet, the...
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    Seeking your thoughts (C&C)

    Thanks for all the feedback! I definitely agree with the two crops done. Definitely need to work on making sure the models wardrobe is more flattering in future. Thanks for the indepth feedback Akuk, I'm going to take what you have said and put it to practice in my next shoot :) And yeah, I...
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    Seeking your thoughts (C&C)

    Hello! Been a long time since I've posted here. Been slowly moving into shooting more portraits in the interim and am looking to get your thoughts on two of my most recent images. C&C is greatly appreciated! :) 1) 2) My thoughts: 1) While I like the lighting, I'm not too keen on the...
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    Slowest SP hand held you can shoot?

    One technique taught to me by a marksman, is one of breathing. Where you exhale and hold the exhale, then when your body says its time to take the next breath is when you take the shot. Apparently that is when your body is at its most still, while it waits for the next intake of breath. Of...
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    Pet Portraits

    Two of my kitties :cat::cat:
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    Things got very wet!

    We tried with ambient light, however the issue is that almost right behind the pool there is a massive tree and rocks on the ground that dont lend themselves to the image. All we landed up with those visible was a messy background that detracted from the image. But I do understand what you are...
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    Things got very wet!

    Two or so weeks ago, the temperature was well into the 30's (Celsius) so my sister and I thought what better way than to cool off than to take some photos while swimming: This is one of the best photos from the session. I would have liked to have had the flash directly behind her, however, I...
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    Photo Essay/story on prison gang tattoos

    As everyone has alluded to, tattoos themselves don't really hold much significance to the outsider looking in. So IMHO to make a photo essay that will hold your viewers, maybe you could try juxtaposing the tattoos with either the gang members surroundings or props used. Doing that along with...
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    New here, would love some friendly constructive criticism.

    You seem to be having issues with your lighting and getting to grips with your external flash. I suggest looking at Strobist (Strobist: Welcome to Strobist.) They have many great walk through and tutorials on using your external flash. As for the posted images, it is difficult to critique them...
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    Upgrading D90 to D7000 for better video?

    Most of the issues you mention can be corrected somewhat. When you say you are seeing strobing, I am assuming that you are shooting in 1080i? If so, the interlacing is normally attributed to creating strobing, so by reducing the size down to 720p with no interlacing there may be a reduction in...
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    Backyard excursions

    Thank you for the advice, Matthewo! It was shot with a nikon, yes. (D90). Its interesting, Ive never noticed that blue before. Now that you have pointed it out, I can clearly see it :D Thank you! As for the sharpening, I did very minimal amounts of sharpening to the image, but it was the...
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    Backyard excursions

    A couple of days ago, I was wondering around my garden when I happened upon this Spotted Thick-Knee, who I posted a photo about last year. They vanished for a long time, but appear to have returned now. Please C&C as you see fit :D
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    allow photo usage or not...

    You said that the monument company contracted you, but you also dont want them to make a profit while making the headstone? Are you referring to the company making a profit from your photo ie: as in using it to make the image on the headstone or reselling it online? Because, forgive me if I'm...