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    SEO And Your Photography Site

    This is excellent information. Thanks so much WebAware.
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    Potential Customer First Contact

    Thanks for the response SpeedTrap, basically how it works is that brides go there and request a quote from local photographers. As a photographer I get the lead and then make contact with them. I am wondering how other photographers using this service or a service like this goes about making...
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    Potential Customer First Contact

    Bump Any photographers want to give me some advice. I don't want to go into this blind so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Getting started

    First, Congratulations for taking the big step. I am no big shot photographer but I have my business going okay for starting in 2008. Do you already have your website up and working, do you have your pricing in place? What is your specialty, people say you should focus on 1 area, and not be a...
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    Potential Customer First Contact

    Okay, here is the situation. I have signed up for and I am ready to make contact with a few leads that have come my way. My question is, what is your first phone contact like? How much do you discuss on that first contact? Do you immediately ask to meet with them? Any and all...
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    First Press Release

    I always find good information when I come here. Thanks Larissa for posting an answer, and thanks Opendoor for posting the question. I plan to do one in the near future.
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    Canvas Wraps

    Thanks bthornton for the info and thanks *Mike* for info and "best practices" There prices definatly sound reasonable and it sounds like they do good work, I will have to check them out myself.
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    Canvas Wraps

    Does anyone know what there pricing is like? How much for 8x10's 11x14's etc. I don't want to sign up with every shop that's out there.
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    Business name....I need help!

    I don't think it sounds corny. If not this name then what? I think it sounds good.
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    1st pro shoot

    Very nice but the sun in 2 & 3 are really distracting. Good none the less.
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    Hello from FL

    Welcome, tampa, Florida in the house.
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    bet you cant do this

    I really like the second one alot. I definatly can't any of those routes. Nice stuff. The first one is good too but try cropping or cloning out the blue bag. Oh yea, welcome to the board :-)
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    Some chair shots

    I like the Third one the best. If this is in your home try the third one as portait view instead of landscape. Just a thought
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    Downtown Waxahachie

    Nice work, I like the first one try straighting it. Just a thought
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    Newbie To the Photo Biz.. Need advise

    First of all welcome to TPF! Glad to have you join, I hope you stay for a long while. Okay, I'm no photo pro but I do have a small photography business so let me see how I can help you. First you really need 1 main body and 1 backup body. The same body that you use to take those b-ball...