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    Racism, artistic brilliance, or coincidence?

    One can see racism wherever one wants to see racism. Maybe I am missing something, but the Army recruiting poster is using a familiar social image (King Kong) to represent a threat to America (Kong is stepping on “America”). If one recognizes the German military head gear and the fact that...
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    Hello from Afghanistan

    That is sooo cool! When I saw the pic, I though it was a great copy of the cup. Then I read your post and found out it was the real deal. I would have never imagined the cup ending up in the middle east.
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    i LOVE this shot

    here is a quick edit (less than 5 min) to show separation without underexposing the shot.
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    Victims of Walmart

    +1. This is a good example of a subject taken totally out of context to make a political point. There is no way that building was ever a competitor for Wal-Mart.
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    My pet hasn't eaten in 3 months.

    I used to breed reptiles and have successfully raised over 30 species of snakes. This is not unusual behavor for any snake. Many times it is caused by stress (especially if it is a python or boa) or a change in climate. The best approach is to leave it alone for a while (don't try to force it...
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    My new toy........

    Welcome to the club! I have a Goldwing, 2 BMW's and a Kawasaki. You are never too old! Is that a 250cc belt drive?
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    I'm not sure how to handle this...

    I am sorry for your loss. The same thing happened to me when I was in college. I called my girlfriend's house looking for her because she had gone home for the weekend. Her brother got to tell me that she had been killed in a car wreck the night before. You will hurt for a long time. However...
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    Creative Lighting shot

    I like the shot with the lower light. Part of being creative is to make your brain work and leave some things open for the viewer to decide. It is obviously a laptop, so why do we need to see the rest of it? Without showing it to me, you are letting me, the viewer, use my imagination to decide...
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    Who still uses the "Internet Explorer' internet Browser?

    That is certainly not true. IE is still the most used browser based on actual statistics. IE (versions 5-7) used by 56% Browser Use Statistics for December 2007 IE7 21.0% IE6 33.2% IE5 1.7% Fx 36.3% Moz 1.4% S 1.7% O 1.4%
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    How is this legal?

    I am not sure how a true artist could take credit for this. This, to me, is like one of you selling a photo for an ad. Then I see the add and decide that I do not like the way you cropped the pic so I take a photo of your photo and crop it to the way I like. Then sell it as my own photo. I...
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    How would you like to travel the world?...

    I went to high school in Egypt and have travelled extensively around the world, but it wasn't until I started traveling solo on a motorcycle that I really starting appreciating the travels. I have covered most of North America with just whatever I can pack on my motorcycle. I would recommend...
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    Actually the R2400 is right in your range and is a great printer. If you plan on printing B&W that is the way to go. If you do mostly color, the R1800 is probably a better choice. The 2400 is $730 with a $100 mail in rebate (making the final cost $630). The 1800 is $470 with the same rebate...
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    We as Artist.

    This is not an "artist" thing. This is a "service" thing. Anyone in a service industry knows that you will always be asked to do things for free because most people don't think of your time/knowledge as being a commodity. If you are a plumber, your family will ask you to fix their plumbing; if...
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    Canon AE-1

    That was the camera I used in the 1980ies. I would buy it from you if you were in the US! Mine got destroyed in a flash flood a few years ago.
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    What's your top 5 movies?

    Seven Samurai is my favorite. All other rankings would change the more I thought about it.