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    View from the cemetery

    Given the thread name and the middle-of-the-night post time, it wasn't what I expected! Nice capture!
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    Whatsit Feb.3

    Tough tough...drill bit chuck.
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    Guess The Histrogram!

    Great post pgriz. Don't have a clue how to read these (time I learned). I'm going with #2. With help from google (first time ever looking it up)...plenty of blue and green in h-gram #2...although neither are overly bright so it follows the h-gram is leaning left (as in #2...the largest of the...
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    Whatsit Feb.2

    Yes...a stumper...but here goes: the outside of a decorative planter
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    C & C please

    Seems like #1 needs more contrast. I like the idea. #3 is interesting but needs a smaller "place-mat" to avoid getting chopped on the edges. Sorry, #2 and #4 don't work for me. My $0.02.
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    jpg, raw, or raw+ jpg

    Originally shot only JPEG...then did both for a short only RAW. All my shots come into LR anyway (or Elements before LR) so it was a no-brainer to gain added editing functionality from RAW at the at the (inexpensive) cost of some storage space.
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    Mystery Macro 1/31

    Front grill of a car.
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    Would you recommend Light Room?

    2X to all that's been said re LR. It also smoothly handles uplink to flickr, Photobucket, etc. as well as provides a printing and web upload functionality. I have both LR and PS and use PS only for heavy lifting. Try the demo to see if it's right for you.
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    Whatsit Jan. 27

    chocolate bar
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    I can see clearly now...

    I think generally that's true. IMO PCs tend to be a better match for those folks who think about their machines as a group of parts, each of which can be replaced/improved/whatever. Seem that Macs serve up more of a complete "drive it and don't think about it" solution. The "drive it"...
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    I can see clearly now...

    ...probably true. But, overall I've not found nor heard of any "magic bullet" which makes one better than the other over the long term. A computing machine is a computing machine. I enjoy listening to the this-is-better-than-that discussion every time it comes up (this thread is far from...
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    I can see clearly now...

    Yeah, I bet a nice, new PC next to the old one would have produced the same excitement. New is always so much fun!
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    This is how I feel today.

    Sorry to report her coughing is heading into it's second week. Hope yours won't go that long. She's found extra strenth Mucinex does a good job (mostly). The good news is that I don't seem to be getting it....yet.
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    This is how I feel today.

    Hope you don't have what my wife fever, but she's been coughing up her lungs for about a week now. (She also is a heart patient.) Think she caught it at work, but who knows? Get yourself better real soon. Agreed...a nice image. It captures the feeling.