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    Snowy Owl 2017

    Just beautiful!
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    what next for the Nikon Pro-Line?

    You don't consider the D-850 a pro camera?.
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    Nikon D850...............Who's gonna get one ?

    I just ordered mine but it was something I was waiting for. I sold my D4 and bought a D750 thinking I would not miss my pro camera. Well I did not miss the weight loss, but I did miss the pro layout and the overall difference in quality. I am hoping the D850 will fill the void. Specs look great!
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    It is on its way, the D5

    HA! You just took the words right from my mouth!!! LOL!
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    Real Estate Photography

    That's a bit rough, don't you think?
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    So Stoked!

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    I see you!

    Looks like you ticked him off!
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    Which memory card is the best for me?

    First, I would start by getting on your camera manufacturers web site and finding out what they recommend you use. There are plenty of fast cards out there but I would never buy one that my camera manufacturer has not tested and approved for use. Then I would get the fastest I could afford...
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    Giving away a Canon 7D and 28-135 kit lens (+ a few extras)

    What a great thing to do...
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    Lens packing/carrying advice

    So bottom line is the pixel peepers say take the good stuff. The pragmatists in the group say take what's practical; the super zoom. If you think about it, you are probably no better off making this decision than you were before you asked! LOL! Oh, and take the super zoom and capture your...
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    Lens packing/carrying advice

    I would take the 18-270 as your go to lens. This lens will do fine during the day and you will appreciate the versatility. If you didn't have the kid stuff, I would say grab 'em all. It's disneyland (world) for heck's sake. Your photos are for your memories, not to blow up and stick on a...
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    Well, Keep at it. Beauty and art are in the eye of the beholder. No one can take that from you!
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    Arboretum at UC Santa Cruz

    Nice composition!
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    Arboretum at UC Santa Cruz

    Fill light would help make your subjects pop.
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    Northern Mockingbird

    Nice shots! Those mockingbirds are hard to capture. Smart little buggers...