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    Back on night patrol

    Great idea, now why did I not think of that :BangHead: ;) As far as the "bait", I think you meant to say wrong flies.
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    Back on night patrol

    Decided to go back for a little night action. This time it was during the full moon, we got to the creek before sunset. We sat at the truck and enjoyed some beverages while waiting for it to get a little darker. Finally Time to head down to the water and hopefully have some fun...
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    Wish I had not left the longer lens in the vehicle

    Some info on the town for you. Silver City Idaho - Wikipedia the free encyclopedia
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    Wish I had not left the longer lens in the vehicle

    While visiting a ghost town today with the family, I saw some hummingbirds feeding. I tried to get in as close as I could for some photos without spooking them, I should have also brought the longer lens with me.
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    On a river with a couple of friends

    Went to a river with a couple friends today for a quick trip. The plan was to meet up at 0530 and head out from there. My alarm went off at 0445, I must have turned it off in my sleep as I woke at 0513. After my brain turned on and I realized what time it was, I got ready as fast as possible and...
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    Summer time & an open window.

    Hey, you stole my cat :winky: Seriously though besides not having a very small white stripe on the back, your cat looks like mine!
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    Fly fishing during the night

    Thanks guys, I seriously think that I may have found my new favorite thing to do. Although neither one of us managed to land any of the over 30" guys we still had fun, besides there is always next time. I will say though that there is something not quite natural about wading into water in the...
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    My fishing buddy thought he'd hooked a big salmon: video clip

    Hahahaha that was rad!
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    Fly fishing during the night

    A couple of days ago, I got a phone call from a friend. The conversation basically went like this: Him: You ever fish mice before? Me: Nope. Him: Do you want to try it this Saturday? Me: Sure let me clear it with the wife. The call was followed up with a text of a couple of fish pics that had me...
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    Out collecting rocks with my youngest

    Thanks everyone! I am really glad that he is really getting into the outdoor thing. Personally, I love being out in the backcountry weather fishing or just hiking. After this last trip, he also asked me if he could have my old camera so he could also take pictures. I told him that we could...
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    Out collecting rocks with my youngest

    Thanks! Now to answer your question: I did not do a lot in lightroom to them in terms of adding color etc. I will use the first shot as an example as there are quite a few shots and they all have slightly different settings. I am also going to include another unaltered shot (other than...
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    Out collecting rocks with my youngest

    Got the chance to get out and go collecting with my youngest son today. It was quite an interesting trip with a variety of different types of scenery and weather. The day started out a little later than I would have liked, by the time we arrived at the turn out, temps in the valley were already...
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    Just a couple quick shots testing out my new lens

    Just had the chance to test out a recent lens purchase (Sigma 17-50 2.8 OS) while I was out and about today. Took many more photos but I haven't processed all of them yet. Anyway, here is a shot of a stonefly and a crop of the same image. While it isn't as good as my Nikon 60 2.8 micro for bug...
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    Think I did alright on a used Sigma 17-50 2.8

    Thank you all for the feedback, I was able to test the lens out a bit today on the river. The biggest downside to it being a bit larger than my last one is fitting it in my waders when not in use. Anyway, I will post a couple of the test shots in the nature gallery.